Chapter 16 Enzymes

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  1. Helicase
    Unwinds double helix
  2. Replication Fork
    Section where DNA continues to unwind and where the free-floating nucleotides join
  3. Single-strand binding protein
    Pulls and keeps DNA strands apart and supported
  4. DNA Polymersase III
    Adds nucleotides
  5. Leading Strand
    • -Polymerase can only be read in 5' to 3' direction
    • -Continuous replication
  6. Lagging Strand
    Synthesized against overall direction of replication
  7. Okazaki Fragments
    Short fragments used to synthesize DNA on lagging strand
  8. RNA primer is built by .
    Primase aka RNA polymerase
  9. DNA Ligase
    Joins neighboring Okazaki fragments into longer strands
  10. Gyrase
    Re-winds double helix
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