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  1. When the corticonuclear tract synapses with the trigeminal motor system, what side of the face is affected?
    Both, although contralateral receives more input
  2. With a lesion in the right Rostral pons, what would be the affect and why?
    • Trigeminal motor nerve affected
    • Left side of face weak
    • Jaw deviation to weak side b/c of right muscles pulling that way
  3. With a lesion in the pontine nuclei of the Caudal pons, what would be the clinical sign?
    Left (contralateral) lower face would be droopy
  4. What four muscles are affected by CNX of the nucleus ambiguus?
    • Soft palate
    • Uvula
    • Pharyngeal constrictors
    • Laryngeal muscles
  5. What way will the tongue deviate if there is a lesion in the right pyramid of the medulla?
    • To the left (tongue deviates to weak side)
    • **Remember, decussation occurs here
  6. What way will the uvula deviate if there is a lesion in the left pyramid of the medulla?
    • Left side (Uvula deviates to strong side)
    • **Remember, decussation occurs here
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