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  1. The cannabis plant was raised for its psychoactive properties by the settlers at Jamestown and later by George Washington.

    Although they did cultivate the cannabis plant, it was for the use of its fiber and not for its psychoactive properties.
  2. The Eighteenth Amendemnet prohibiting the use of alcohol had the paradoxical effect of increasing the prevalence of marijuana use in the United States.
  3. Criminal penalties in the United States for the possession and use of marijuana have increased steadily since the 1960s.

    The penalties have been moderated significantly over this period, including the gradual decriminalization for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Throughout the 1960s, judges had the option of sentencing a user or seller to life in prison.
  4. Data recently gathered both in national household surveys and in annual surveys of high school seniors demonstrate a sharp decrease in the prevalence of marijuana use since 1979.
  5. The marijuana smoked in the United States today is more potent than that smoked 20 years ago.
  6. Drug effects following oral ingestion of marijuana last longer than after the drug is smoked.
  7. Tolerance to cannabis has been well documented in animal studies.
  8. Marijuana has been used effectively to treat the nausea and vomiting often associated with chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer.
  9. Marijuana use often causes long-term damage to the cardiovascular system.

    Although marijuana use does cause some short-term increases in heart rate, no evidence shows the marijuana smoking produces deleterious cardiovascular effects in healthy individuals. The acute effects may be dangerous to individuals who have preexisting cardiovascular problems.
  10. One consequence of cannabis intoxication is the impairment of short-term memory.
  11. The most commonly reported emotional effects of cannabis use are suspiciousness and paranoid ideation.

    The typical emotional response to cannabis is a carefree and relaxed state. Paranoia and suspiciousness are reported less frequently and more often by inexperienced cannabis users.
  12. An area of concern regarding marijuana use is that it aften causes the user to be aggressive and violent.

    The overwhelming conclusion drawn from available data is that cannabis use is not causally related to increased aggression. In fact, levels of aggrssion decrease following cannabis use.

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