Christian Testament

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  1. Chapter 1:
    • jumped off a cliff
    • was replaced by Matthias (chosen by casting lots)
  2. Chapter 2:
    Peter gives...
    • Pentecost- wind, tongues of fire, gift of tongues (people thought they were drunk)
    • Peter gives a speech, a lot of people were baptized and devoted themselves to following the teachings of the apostles
  3. Chapter 3:
    Peter cures...
    Peter cures a cripple ~ the people were suprised and he gave all credit to God
  4. Chapter 5:
    Ananias and Sapphira...
    • Ananias and Sapphira- died because they tried to hide money and lied about it
    • Sanhedrin put the apostles in jail ~ angel opened doors to free apostles
    • Gamaliel- released apostles ~ don't fight God (Pharisee)
  5. Damascus
    city Saul was on his way to
  6. Antioch
    city where they were first called Christians
  7. Chapter 7:
    Saul- witness to Stephen's martyrdom ~ trying to destroy the Church ~ Jesus talks to him ~ baptized and changed
  8. Chapter 8:
    Simon the Magician...
    • Simon the Magician- living by dazzling people ~ tries to buy the gift of the Holy Spirit ~ rejected ~ turned away ~ begs for forgiveness
    • - eunuch- man who is basically circumsized
    • Philip- reveals Christ to teh eunuch
    • Ananias- disciple in Damascus ~ told by God to talk to Saul about being a Christian (baptized)
  9. Chapter 10:
    • Cornileus- Roman centurion ~ pleasing to God ~ 1st Gentile to be baptized
    • Peter- "Get ip, slaughter, and eat" unclean things--- symbolizes people outside of faith (Gentiles)
  10. Do we circumsize Gentile Converts?
  11. Are they gong to have to follow Mosaic Law? (dietary law?)
    No eating of meat offered up to idols, no unlawful marriage, no eating meat of strangled animals, no drinking of blood
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