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  1. Crohn�s:
    fold thickening, wall thickening, nodular pattern (cobblestone), string sign, aphthoid ulcers, filiform polyps, sinus tracts and fistulas, mesenteric fat stranding, creeping fat, lymphadenopathy, separated bowel loop (omega sign), pseudosacculations, strictures, asymmetric, skip lesions
  2. UC:
    ahaustral, granular mucosa, filiform polyps, starts in rectum, continuous spread, backwash ileitis, crypt abscesses, strictures (worrisome)
  3. Mass lesions:
    normal lymphofollicular pattern, pneumatosis coli, colitis cystica profunda, amyloid, endometriosis, ischemic colitis, polyps, polyposis syndromes, lipoma, leiomyoma, hemangioma, villous adenoma, adenocarcinoma, mets, lymphoma, hemorrhoids
  4. Polypoid filling defects: polyps �
    hyperplastic (#1), adenomatous (#2), hamartomatous, post-inflammatory;
  5. Polypoid filling defects polyposis �
    FAP, Peutz-Jeghers, juvenile polyposis, Turcot, Cronkhite-Canada, Cowden; lymphoma; pneumatosis
  6. Carpet lesion:
    villous adenoma, adenoCA, polyposis, endometriosis, varices
  7. Colonic urticaria:
    herpes, Yersinia, allergy, Crohn�s, ischemia
  8. Aphthoid ulcers:
    Crohn�s, amebiasis, Behcet�s, CMV, herpes, TB, Yersinia (TI)
  9. Deep ulcers:
    UC, Crohn�s, Behcet�s, infectious (amebiasis, TB, Salmonella, Shigella, histo, Candida, herpes, CMV), ischemic colitis, radiation
  10. Bowel wall thickening (thumbprinting): hemorrhage �
    ischemia, Henoch-Schonlein purpura, hemophilia, anticoagulation;
  11. Bowel wall thickening (thumbprinting): tumor �
    lymphoma, leukemia;
  12. Bowel wall thickening (thumbprinting): edema �
    infectious (pseudomembranous colitis, CMV, E Coli, Salmonella, Shigella, amebiasis, typhlitis), IBD
  13. Circumferential (apple core) or asymmetric narrowing: tumor �
    adenocarcinoma, serosal mets (stomach, ovarian, colon, pancreas);
  14. Circumferential (apple core) or asymmetric narrowing: inflammation �
    diverticulitis, IBD, TB, amebiasis;
  15. Circumferential (apple core) or asymmetric narrowing: other �
    endometriosis, pelvic abscess, epiploic appendagitis;
  16. Circumferential (apple core) or asymmetric narrowing: multifocal �
    lymphoma, serosal mets, TB, amebiasis, Crohn�s, endometriosis
  17. Long segment narrowing:
    scirrhous adenocarcinoma, lymphoma, UC, Crohn�s, ischemic stricture, radiation
  18. Ahaustral colon:
    cathartic abuse (usu R colon), UC, Crohn�s, amebiasis, aging (usu L colon), scleroderma, radiation, prior ischemia
  19. Pseudosacculations:
    Crohn�s, scleroderma, ischemia
  20. Obstruction:
    CA, diverticulitis, volvulus, impaction, hernia
  21. Megacolon: toxic megacolon �
    pseudomembranous colitis, UC, Crohn�s, amebiasis;
  22. Megacolon: acute distension �
    obstructive CA, ileus, volvulus;
  23. Megacolon: chronic �
    laxative abuse, Ogilvie syndrome, congenital Hirschsprung�s, Chagas, neuromuscular disorders (Parkinson, DM, scleroderma, amyloid), hypothyroid
  24. Adult intussusception:
    usu ileoileal; tumors � polyps, lipoma, mets, lymphoma, carcinoid; idiopathic, Meckel�s diverticulum, feeding tube; no lead point consider sprue, scleroderma, Whipple�s
  25. Pneumatosis coli: pneumatosis cystoides �
    COPD, asthma, CF, iatrogenic, CVD, steroids;
  26. Pneumatosis coli: pneumatosis intestinalis �
    infarcted bowel, NEC, toxic megacolon, typhlitis
  27. Coned cecum:
    Crohn�s, lymphoma, mets, TB, amebiasis, typhlitis
  28. Ileocecal deformities:
    Crohn�s, UC, amebiasis (spares TI), TB, typhlitis, lymphoma, adenocarcinoma, carcinoid, intussusceptions
  29. Enlarged ileocecal valve:
    >3cm; lipomatous infiltration (#1), lipoma, Crohn�s, lymphoma, prolapsing ileal neoplasms
  30. Cecal filling defect and nonfilling appendix:
    carcinoid, appendicitis, appendix stump, mucocele
  31. Fat containing mass adjacent to colon:
    epiploic appendagitis, omental infarction
  32. Proctitis:
    Condyloma acuminata, lymphogranuloma venereum, GC, UC, Crohn�s, HIV, herpes
  33. Rectal involvement:
    serosal mets, TOA, radiation, appendicitis, diverticulitis, endometriosis
  34. Presacral space widening:
    >2cm; rectal inflammation (colitis, radiation), infection, tumor, pelvic lipomatosis, edema hemorrhage
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