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  1. Spleen
  2. Anatomic variations:
    accessory spleen, lobulations, wandering spleen, polyspenia, asplenia, splenosis (s/p trauma)
  3. Focal splenic lesions: tumor �
    mets (lymphoma, melanoma), hemangioma, lymphangioma, hamartoma; infection (often calcified) � abscess, Candida, TB, MAI, Schistosomiasis, PCP;
  4. Focal splenic lesions: other �
    infarct, septic emboli, hematoma, cyst (simple, hydatid) pancreatic pseudocyst, fatty nodules in Gaucher�s
  5. Microabscess pattern:
    Candida, MAI, TB, PCP, bacterial, fungal, Gaucher�s, sarcoid, KS, lymphoma, mets
  6. Scalloped contour:
    infarcts, septic emboli, hematoma, metastatic implants, pseudocyst
  7. Splenic cyst: primary �
    congenital, true;
  8. Splenic cyst: secondary �
    calcified, false, prior infarct, trauma, infection, echinococcus, pancreatic pseudocyst
  9. Splenic calcifications:
    TB, histo, PCP, phleboliths, hemangioma
  10. Splenomegaly: tumor �
    lymphoma, leukemia;
  11. Splenomegaly: infection �
    infectious mono, histo, sarcoid;
  12. Splenomegaly: metabolic �
    Gaucher�s, amyloid, hemochromatosis;not metabolic but another reason: trauma;
  13. Splenomegaly: vascular �
    portal HTN, hematologic disorders

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