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  1. Stomach
  2. Gastritis:
    H pylori, erosive gastritis (corrosives, alcohol, stress, NSAIDS), granulomatous (Crohn�s, sarcoid, TB, histo, syphilis), eosinophilic, hypertrophic (Menetrier�s, ZE syndrome), recurrent gastric ulcer (ZE syndrome, PUD, drugs), radiation, emphysematous
  3. Target lesions: gastritis (aphthoid type) �
    erosive (NSAID, alcohol), Crohn�s, infection (Candida, herpes, CMV);
  4. Target lesions: submucosal mets (large ulcer) �
    melanoma, KS > breast, lung, lymphoma;
  5. Target lesions: solitary giant bullseye (very large ulcer) �
    leiomyoma, sarcoma, CA, solitary met, ectopic pancreas, benign ulcer
  6. Filling defect:
    bezoar, adenocarcinoma, lymphoma, leiomyosarcoma, mets, KS, endometriosis, carcinoid, leiomyoma, lipoma, polyps (hyperplastic #1), varices, ectopic pancreas, extrinsic compression from spleen/pancreas/liver
  7. Giant rugal folds:
    lymphoma, Menetrier�s, ZE syndrome, gastritis, eosinophilic gastroenteritis, radiation, infection, Crohn�s, mets, varices (mimic)
  8. Linitis plastica:
    scirrhous CA (#1), lymphoma, mets (esp breast), pancreatic CA (direct invasion), radiation, Crohn�s, eosinophilic gastroenteritis, corrosive ingestion, TB, sarcoid, syphilis
  9. Antral lesions:
    adenocarcinoma, lymphoma, mets, Crohn�s, PUD, TB, sarcoid, HPS, pylorospasm, antral web, ectopic pancreas, erosive gastritis, caustics
  10. Double pylorus:
    lesser curve antral ulcer, Crohn�s, lymphoma
  11. Gastroenteric fistula:
    PUD, Crohn�s, CA, iatrogenic, surgery
  12. Free air:
    surgery and laparoscopy, perforated ulcer, perforated distal bowel (IBD, diverticulitis, tumor)
  13. UGI surgery:
    plication defect, marginal ulcer, bezoar, chronic gastritis, leak, obstruction, intussusception (jejunogastric), gastric CA, afferent loop syndrome, malabsorption
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