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  1. Renal mass lesions: tumor �
    solid, cysts;
  2. Renal mass lesions: infection �
    lobar nephronia, abscess, XGP;
  3. Renal mass lesions: congenital �
    duplicated collecting system;
  4. Renal mass lesions: pseudotumors �
    fetal lobulation, dromedary hump, column of Bertin;
  5. Renal mass lesions: trauma �
  6. Solid renal neoplasm:
    RCC, oncocytoma, adenoma, AML, TCC, mets (lung, colon, melanoma, RCC), lymphoma, Wilms, mesoblastic nephroma, nephroblastomatosis, MFH
  7. Cystic renal masses: tumor �
    cystic RCC, multilocular cystic nephroma, cystic Wilm�s, cystic mets;
  8. Cystic renal masses: true cysts �
    cortical cysts, localized cystic disease, medullary cystic disease, ADPKD, VHL, TS, endstage renal failure, hemorrhagic or infected cyst;
  9. Cystic renal masses: �
    hydronephrosis/duplicated system, renal artery aneurysm, abscess
  10. Hyperechoic renal mass:
    AML, RCC, milk of calcium cyst, nephritis (XGP, emphysematous pyelonephritis, focal nephritis, Candida), hematoma, infarction, mimics (renal sinus fat, duplicated collecting system)
  11. Renal sinus mass:
    TCC, RCC, lymphoma, papilloma, renal artery aneurysm, renal sinus hemorrhage, complicated parapelvic cyst
  12. Wedge-shaped renal lesion:
    renal mets, infarction, lobar nephritis
  13. Infiltrative:
    TCC, mets, lymphoma, infarction, pyelonephritis, XGP
  14. Diffusely hyperechoic kidneys:
    glomerulonephritis, DM, HTN, AIDS nephropathy, SLE, vasculitis, ATN, HUS, multiple myeloma, endstage renal failure, medullary or cortical nephrocalcinosis, ARPKD
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