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  1. Renal calcifications: tumors �
    cysts, RCC;
  2. Renal calcifications: infection �
  3. Renal calcifications: metastatic calcification �
    medullary nephrocalcinosis, cortical nephrocalcinosis;
  4. Renal calcifications: collecting system �
  5. Fat in kidney:
    AML, lipoma, replacement lipomatosis
  6. Hypoechoic perirenal fat:
    normal variant, perirenal hemorrhage, cyst rupture, SLE, PAN
  7. Filling defect in collecting system: tumor �
    TCC, papilloma, leukoplakia, malakoplakia;
  8. Filling defect in collecting system: mobile filling defect �
    blood clot, sloughed papillae, calculus, fungus ball;
  9. Filling defect in collecting system: other �
    vascular impression, overlying bowel gas
  10. Papillary necrosis: POSTCARD �
    pyelonephritis, obstruction, sickle cell, TB, cirrhosis, analgesics, RVT, DM
  11. Delayed (persistent) nephrogram: prerenal �
    RAS, hypotension;
  12. Delayed (persistent) nephrogram: renal �
    acute glomerulonephritis, ATN (contrast, ischemia, transplants), acute cortical necrosis (pregnancy, sepsis, dehydration), tubular precipitation (uric acid, hemolysis, myeloma), acute interstitial nephritis (antibiotics), papillary necrosis, RVT;
  13. Delayed (persistent) nephrogram: postrenal �
    obstruction (stone, stricture); rule of thumb � symmetric bilateral is medical disease, asymmetric unilateral is surgical
  14. Striated nephrogram:
    acute pyelonephritis, renal contusion, RVT, ureteral obstruction, medullary sponge kidney
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