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  1. Dilated ureter:
    criteria - >8mm, ureter visible in entire length, no peristaltic waves; obstruction � primary megaureter (functional), ureteral stricture, calculus, BOO, urethral stricture; reflux; dieresis
  2. Ureteral stricture: tumor �
    TCC, mets, lymphadenopathy;
  3. Ureteral stricture: inflammatory �
    TB (corkscrew appearance), Schistosomiasis, Crohn�s, PID;
  4. Ureteral stricture: congenital �
    ectopic ureterocele, primary megaureter, congenital stenosis;
  5. Ureteral stricture: metabolic, drugs �
    amyloid, morphine, methysergide (retroperitoneal fibrosis);
  6. Ureteral stricture: trauma �
    iatrogenic, radiation;
  7. Ureteral stricture: vascular �
    aneurysm, ovarian vein syndrome, lymphocele, crossing vessel
  8. Multiple ureteral filling defects: wall �
    ureteritis cystica (more common in upper ureter), vascular impressions, multiple papillomas, melanoma mets, submucosal hemorrhage, fibroepithelial polyp (single);
  9. Multiple ureteral filling defects: luminal (acute angles) �
    calculi, blood clot, sloughed papillae, fungus ball, air bubbles, TCC
  10. Ureteral diverticula:
    congenital, pseudodiverticulosis, TB (also strictures)
  11. Deviated ureters: lateral �
    bulky RP adenopathy, primary RP tumors, RP fluid collection, aneurysm, malrotated kidney, ovarian or uterine mass;
  12. Deviated ureters: medial �
    posterior bladder diverticulum (#1 cause of distal medial deviation), fibroids, RP fibrosis, postoperative, enlarged prostate, retrocaval ureter (only on R side)
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