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  1. Bladder wall thickening: criteria - >5mm, trabeculations; tumor �
    TCC, lymphoma;
  2. Bladder wall thickening inflammation �
    radiation, cytoxan, infection, IBD, appendicitis, diverticulitis;
  3. Bladder wall thickening BOO �
    BPH, PUV, ectopic ureterocele, urethral stricture; neurogenic
  4. Bladder filling defect: tumor �
    TCC, SCC, mets, leiomyoma, endometriosis, polyps;
  5. Bladder filling defect infection �
    PID, Schistosomiasis, fungus ball, leukoplakia, malacoplakia, cystitis cystica, cystitis glandularis;
  6. Bladder filling defect luminal �
    calculi, blood clot, BPH, foreign body, ureterocele, pseudoureterocele; adjacent inflammatory process e.g. appendicitis or divertiticulitis; rare � amyloid
  7. Bladder neoplasm:
    TCC, SCC, adenocarcinoma, leiomyoma, pheochromocytoma, mets (melanoma, prostate), lymphoma, urachal adenoCA (dome); risk factors: TCC � smoking, cytoxan, radiation, interstitial nephritis, aniline dyes, phenacetin; SCC � Schistosomiasis, calculi, chronic infection, leukoplakia; adenoCA � bladder exstrophy, urachal remnant, cystitis glandularis
  8. Bladder wall calcification: SCRITT �
    Schistosomiasis, cytoxan, radiation, interstitial cystitis, TB, TCC
  9. Air in bladder:
    instrumentation, catheter, bladder fistula (diverticulitis, Crohn�s, colon CA), emphysematous cystitis (DM)

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