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  1. Adrenal masses: tumor �
    adenoma, mets (esp small cell), pheochromocytoma, lymphoma, neuroblastoma, carcinoma, hemangioma;
  2. Adrenal masses: fatty �
    adenoma, myelolipoma, lipoma;
  3. Adrenal masses: cystic �
    simple cyst, pseudocyst from hemorrhage;
  4. Adrenal masses: other �
    hemorrhage, TB, Wolman�s disease;
  5. Adrenal masses: bilateral �
    hemorrhage, mets, lymphoma, bilateral pheochromocytoma (MEN2, VHL, NF), TB, histo, adenomas, hyperplasia
  6. Adrenal calcifications: tumor �
    neuroblastoma, pheochromocytoma, carcinoma, myelolipoma, hemangioma;
  7. Adrenal calcifications infection �
    TB, histo, meningococcemia;
  8. Adrenal calcifications trauma �
  9. Adrenal calcifications congenital �
    Wolman�s, Addison�s; cyst
  10. Adrenal pseudotumors:
    gastric fundus, varices, tortuous splenic artery, pancreatic tail, medial splenic lobulation
  11. Large retroperitoneal mass:
    hematoma, abscess, adenopathy from lymphoma or mets, liposarcoma, leiomyosarcoma, MFH, neurogenic tumor, germ cell tumor
  12. Retroperitoneal hematoma:
    anticoagulation, trauma, iatrogenic, ruptured AAA, RCC, AML
  13. Retroperitoneal air:
    trauma (perforation), ERCP, emphysematous pyelonephritis
  14. Retroperitoneal abscess:
    pancreatitis, renal inflammatory disease, osteomyelitis
  15. Retroperitoneal fibrosis:
    idiopathic, methysergide, radiation, surgery, lymphoma, mets, retroperitoneal fluid, inflammation from other organs

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