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  1. What are the five main types of settlements?
    Farm, Hamlet, Village, Town and City
  2. The bigger the settlement the ______ there are?
  3. What are the main areas of a city?
    CBD, Inner city, Suburbs, Outskirts/Greenbelt
  4. How do you recognise the inner city on a OS map?
    • The buildings are densely packed
    • Housing (tenements) is close to the old factories (which on an OS map are Wrks)
    • There is little greenery
    • There may be waste tips nearby
    • Very narrow streets set out in a grid iron square pattern
    • Factories are found beside railway lines, railway sidings or canals (they were used to transport raw materials)
  5. How do you recognise Suburbs on an OS map?
    • Detatched or semi-detatched housing
    • Houses with gardens
    • Streets in the shape of cresents, cul-de-sacs, etc
  6. How do you recognise the CBD on an OS map?
    • Main roads meeting
    • Oldest part of town so many churches
    • Most expensive land so little greenery, lots of buildings packed in together
    • Tourist information places
    • High order services - large sphere of influence
  7. What are some solutions to traffic congestion?
    • Motorway bypass
    • Park and ride schemes
    • The Metro/Underground/Tube
    • Bus lanes
    • One way streets
  8. What is a dormitory village?
    Villages in which most people live there but travel to work in the nearby cities
  9. What is a commuter?
    People who live in the counrtyside but travel to work in the cities
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