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  1. GA's Constitution...
    is the highest body of state laws in GA.
  2. How can the terms, "separation of powers" and "checks and balances" be described?
    Separation of powers means that the power to govern is divided between several branches of government. Checks and Balances means that each branch has the power to "check" the powers of the other two branches.
  3. GA's speaker of the House is part of...
    the legislative branch of government.
  4. Responsibilities of the lieutenant governor...
    The lieutenant governor presides over the state Senate, appoints members to Senate committees, is responsible for duties assigned to him/her by the governor, and is first in line to serve as governor should the governor not be able to complete his/her term.
  5. How does a bill become a law in the state of GA?
    • 1) Bill must first be introduced by a state representative or senator.
    • 2) Then bill goes to committee which will make a recommendation on whether or not the House or Senate should pass the bill.
    • 3) Voted on by the whole House/Senate. Once it passes House or Senate, it then goes to the other house of the General Assembly where it is voted on again.
    • 4) Once it passes both houses, the bill goes to the governor. If the governor signs it, the bill becomes a law. However, if the governor vetoes it, the bill goes back to the General Assembly and will only become a law if at least two-thirds of both houses vote to override the governor's veto.
  6. What is the role of the judicial branch in GA?
    The judicial branch is responsible for making sure that the laws of the state are applied properly and in a manner that upholds the state constitution.
  7. What is the following an example of?
    The governor appoints an official to serve in GA's state government. However, the state Senate rejects the appointment, preventing the person from ever taking office.
    Checks and Balances
  8. What does the citizen hope the court will do in the following situation?
    The General Assembly passes a new law making it illegal to insult government leaders in public. The governor gladly signs it. A citizen sues, claiming he is entitled to say what he wants about government leaders under GA's bill of rights.
    Declare the law unconstitutional.
  9. A bill to make it illegal for people to smoke in state parks must first be introduced where?
    in the General Assembly.
  10. Mary is given a ticket for littering in the park. She will have to pay the government $50 for her offense. Mary is paying what?
    a fine.
  11. Describe the differences between property taxes, sales taxes, and personal income taxes.
    Property taxes are taxes paid on property like homes, cars, and land. Sales taxes are paid on things people buy. Income taxes are taxes one must pay based on how much money they make.
  12. What are some of the factors that affect government spending decisions and why do they have such an effect?
    State debt is one. The more debt the state has, the less money it has to spend. Another is which politicians are in charge. Different leaders and different political parties often have different priorities and disagree about what to spend money on. Finally, constituencies are important. Politicians want to remain in office. Therefore, they have to consider who elected them and what their constituency wants when deciding how to spend money.
  13. Claudine is a state senator. She introduces a bill that she hopes will become a law. After she introduces it, the bill will probably go where next?
    to a Senate committee
  14. The governor of GA has which of the following powers?
    A. he/she can order the National Guard to help in a emergency.
    B. He/she appoints all justices to the GA Supreme Court.
    C. He/she can veto rulings by the state supreme court.
    A. he/she can order the National Guard to help in a emergency.
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  15. Sam serves in the branch of GA government that makes sure laws are applied appropriately and according to the constitution. Sam is most likely...
    A. a state senator
    B. an appointed department head.
    C. the governor
    D. a Court of Appeals judge
    D. a Court of Appeals judge.
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  16. Most state revenue comes from?
  17. An example of an investment is:
    A. $100 in your wallet
    B. property tax bill
    C. stock in a company
    D. 50 cents in a piggy bank
    C. stock in a company
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  18. What is a fee paid for using someone else's money?
    A. credit
    B. barter
    C. exchange
    D. interest
    D. interest
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  19. What tax is levied on the earnings you receive from a job?
    A. food tax
    B. property tax
    C. sales tax
    D. income tax
    D. income tax
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  20. A sales tax is also known as a:
    A. property tax
    B. wage tax
    C. consumption tax
    D. special delivery tax
    C. consumption tax
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  21. What is an example of a special-purpose government?
    A. grocery store chain
    B. local church
    C. mass transit clinic
    D. veterinary clinic
    C. mass transit clinic
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  22. Who or what governs a county?
    A. mayor and council
    B. commissioner or board of commissioners
    C. judge and jury
    D. attorney general
    B. commissioner or board of commissioners
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  23. Law that deals with actions that harm society is:
    A. civil law
    B. contract law
    C. serious law
    D. criminal law
    D. Criminal law
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  24. What court handles cases for children and teens?
    A. Magistrate Court
    B. Court of Appeals
    C. Small Claims Court
    D. Juvenile Court
    D. Juvenile Court
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  25. Who is the second highest official in Georgia government?
    lieutenant governor
  26. Georgia's voters are required to:
    A. have a job
    B. be a U.S. citizen
    C. own a home
    D. have a college degree
    B. be a U.S. citizen
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  27. Georgia's General Assembly is what branch of government?
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