Latin vocab 3

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  1. Deleo
    ere evi etus. to destroy
  2. jubeo
    ere jussi us. order
  3. pateo
    ere ui. lie open
  4. polliceor
    eri itus sum. Promise
  5. vereor
    eri itus sum. Fear
  6. grex
    gregis f. Herd
  7. sanguis
    inis m. Blood
  8. custos
    dis m guard
  9. comes
    itis m. Friend
  10. hospes
    itis m guest
  11. carcer
    eris n prison
  12. pulvis
    eris n dust
  13. furor
    ris m rage
  14. cupiditas
    tatis f desire
  15. facilitas
    tatis f ease
  16. facultas
    tatis f ability
  17. veritas
    tatis f truth
  18. voluptas
    tatis f pleasure
  19. voluntas
    tatis f will
  20. senectus
    tutis f old age
  21. conito
    onis f mass meeting
  22. fax
    facis f torch
  23. accedo
    ere essi approach
  24. ammito
    ere misi missum lose
  25. deficio
    ere eci ectum fail
  26. desisto
    ere titi stop
  27. concurro
    ere ursi to meet
  28. fallo
    ere fefelli falsus decieve

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