Humanities Final Review 2

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  1. Harlam Renn.
    • African Americans stepping into the spotlight,
    • all genres
  2. Assmeblage
    Taking premade objects and putting them together
  3. Impressionist Music
    • No steady Beat, dissonance, phrases were short,
    • changing chords
  4. Birth of Opera
    • Monteverde
    • Tried to recreate greek drama
    • Recitate
  5. Modern Architecture
    • Falling Water- Organic, fits to its surroundings,
    • natural lighting
    • L’Unite d’Habitation- everything inside of the
    • complex
    • Gughenheim- NY, The Villa saboyay.
    • Apartment Building- Le Corbusier, Villa savoye
  6. Post Modern Architecture
    • Curved Lines
    • Gugenheim in Spain
    • Break from severe lines of the modernist
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