Burns Arteries

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  1. Anterior circulation
    • 1. Middle cerebral arteries, MCA
    • lateral aspect of cerebral hemispheres
    • 2. Anterior cerebral arteries, ACA
    • medial aspect of cerebral hemispheres
    • deep w/i long fissure
    • pericallosal & callosomarginal arteries
    • 3. Deep (central) branches– Anterior choroidal artery, lenticulostriate arteries
  2. Posterior circulations
    • from vertebral and basilar arteries
    • Vertebral arteries
    • anterior and posterior spinal arteries
    • PICA
    • Join at PM j(n) to form basilar a
    • Basilar artery
    • AICS
    • pontine branches
    • Superior cerebellar arteries
    • Posterior cerebral arteries
    • deep (central) branches
  3. PICA
    • posterior inf cerebellum
    • lateral medulla
  4. Anterior spinal artery
    • anterior 2/3 of spinal cord
    • Anterior caudal brainstem
  5. Posterior spinal artery
    • posterior 1/3 of spinal cord
    • Posterior caudal brainstem
  6. AICA
    • ant inf cerebellum
    • part of BS
  7. Superior cerebellar artery
    • superior cerebellum
    • Posterior-lateral rostral brainstem
  8. Posterior cerebral artery
    if uncal gyral hernation/swll can get ischemia of PCA
  9. SUPERFICIAL venous drainage of brain
    • Superficial middle cerebral vein
    • Parallels course of middle cerebral artery
    • Superior anastomotic vein–
    • Links middle cerebral vein to superior longitudinal dural sinus
    • Inferior anastomotic vein– Links middle cerebral vein to transverse dural sinus
  10. DEEP venous drainage od brain
    • Basal veins of Rosenthal
    • Internal cerebral veins
    • “Great” vein of Galen

    ALL drain into straight dural sinus--> IJV
  11. Venous drainage of the spinal cord
    • Variable
    • NO VALVES-- bidirectional flow can cause spread of tumors/infection to CNS!
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