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  1. (Recognize) What is the importance of “systems thinking”?
    • 1. Life with God is a journey
    • -The importance of the journey
    • -The unique task of leadership in it
    • 2. Leadership is an art with natural / supernatural dimensions
    • -The key factor irrespective of style
    • -The reward of wise, effective leadership
  2. (Recognize) What are the two most important reasons for evaluation?
    • 1.To go anywhere we must know where we are
    • -Our present position should never be quickly assumed
    • -The Bible is an evaluative book
    • 2.When we know where we are we also know where we are not – and have a better idea of where to go next
  3. (Recognize) What are the six areas in local church life that require ongoing evaluation?
    • 1. Beliefs
    • 2. Direction
    • 3. Costs/benefits
    • 4. Needed resources
    • 5. Motivation
    • 6. God’s presence/ participation
  4. Explain (in 2 sentences) the difference between internal and external evaluation. Then list (in 1 word/phrase each) two examples of each type of evaluation. (Sect. 4)
    • 1. External (outside input challenges the system)
    • -Professional
    • -Non-professional
    • 2. Internal
    • -Questionnaires
    • -Interviews / feedback
    • -Asking God
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