Spanish verbs

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  1. llamar
    to call
  2. montar
    to ride
  3. bailar
    to dance
  4. cantar
    to sing
  5. comprar
    to buy
  6. contestar
    to answer
  7. escuchar
    to listen
  8. gustar
    to like
  9. ir de compras
    to go shopping
  10. jugar
    to play
  11. jugar a + sport/game
    to play a sport/game
  12. mirar
    to watch/to look
  13. nadar
    to swim
  14. patinar (sobre ruedas)
    to skate on wheels
  15. tocar (el piano)
    to play the piano
  16. preguntar
    to question
  17. ver (la television)
    to watch tv
  18. oir
    to hear/to listen
  19. hacer (la tarea)
    to do the homework
  20. estudiar
    to study
  21. necesitar
    to need
  22. hablar
    to speak/talk
  23. llevar
    to wear
  24. terminar
    to end/finish
  25. estar
    to be
  26. hacer
    to do/to make
  27. ir a + infinitive
    to be going to do something
  28. vamos a + infinitive
    lets go do something
  29. comer
    to eat
  30. leer
    to read
  31. saber
    to know
  32. tomar
    to drink/take
  33. ver
    to see/watch
  34. beber
    to drink
  35. quiero
    i love/i want
  36. salir
    to leave or to go out
  37. vivir
    to live
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