ch 13 keywords

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  1. a thin layer placed on the floor and walls of the preparation to seal the tubules and minimize microleakage
  2. a thin layer of material placed to protect the tooth from the components of dental materials and microleakage, to stimulate reparative denting, or to act as a pulp capping agent
    low-strength base/liner
  3. thick putty-like, condensable material that can be rolled into a ball or rope, suitable for a use of a base
    secondary consistency
  4. a thick layer of cement sed to replace missing tooth structure in a badly broken-down tooth and to act as support for a restorative material such as a crown
  5. a thick layer of cement used to protect the tooth from chemical and thermal irritation
    high strength base/liner
  6. lasting indefinitely
  7. cementing two components together such as an indirect restoration cemented on or in a tooth, such as inlays, crown, bridges, veneers, ortho brackets, and bands, and posts and pins
  8. less viscous, flows easily, can be drawn to 1-inch string with a spatula lifted from the center of the mass, suitable for luting
    primary consistency
  9. materials expected to last from a few days to a few weeks
  10. materials expected to last from a few weeks to a year
  11. to soothe or act in a sedative manner, to relieve pain
  12. the bonding of dissimilar materials by the attractive forces of atoms or molecules
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