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  1. Indifferent
    Not caring one way or the other; lacking a preference; neutral.
  2. Apathy
    Lack of emotion or interest
  3. Obscure
    Unclear, clouded; partially hidden; hard to understand.
  4. Impartial
    Unbiased, neutral
  5. Objective
    Without bias
  6. Revere
    To worship, to honor
  7. Discriminate
    To differentiate; to make a clear distinction; to see the difference
  8. Denounce
    To speak out against; to condemn
  9. Innovate
    To introduce something new
  10. Relevant
    Important(to related materials); pertinent
  11. Candid
    Honest; frank
  12. Discernment
    Insight; ability to see things clearly
  13. Disdain
    Arrogent scorn; contempt
  14. Abstract
    Theoretical; lacking substance
  15. Temperate
    Moderate; restrained
  16. Enigma
  17. Inevitable
    Unavoidable; bound to happen
  18. Eccentric
    Not conventional; a little kooky; irregular
  19. Provencial
    Limited in outlook to one's small corner of the world; narrow
  20. Futile
    Hopeless; without effect; no point
  21. Diverse
  22. Benevolent
    Kind; good-hearted; generous
  23. Pious
    Reverent or devout
  24. Conciliatory
    Making peace; attempting o solve a dispute through good will
  25. Resignation
    Reluctant acceptance of a bad situation
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