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  1. Dog ascarid Genus & Species
    Toxocara canis
  2. Toxocara canis DH
  3. Toxocara canis/ Toxocara felis/ Toxascaris leonina adult location
    Small intestine
  4. Toxocara canis PPP
    6 weeks/ 42 days
  5. Toxocara canis Infective stage and time to become infective.
    When egg larvates around 14 days in the enviorment.
  6. Toxocara canis/ Toxocara felis general migration.
    Egg hatches in SI; through liver; lungs; trachea; coughed up and swallowed; become adults in SI
  7. Toxocara canis somatic migration.
    Immature worms are carried from the lungs to other somatic tissue and stay there as infective larvae.
  8. Toxocara canis Transmission
    • Fecal-oral
    • transplacental
    • transmammary
    • rodent paratenic host
  9. Toxocara canis/Toxocara cati Disease
    • Liver/Lung Damage
    • pot-belly
    • "poor-doers"
    • vomiting/ diarrhea
    • inapparent infection
  10. Toxocara canis Control
    • Remove feces
    • deworm puppies
    • deworm bitches prior to whelping
  11. Toxocara canis Rx
    • piperazine
    • pyrantel
    • milbemycin
    • moxidectin
    • fenbendazole
  12. Toxocara canis/Toxocara cati Zoonosis
    • Visceral Larva Migrans
    • Ocular Larva Migrans
  13. Cat Ascarid
    Toxocara cati
  14. Toxocara cati DH
  15. Toxocara cati PPP
    50 days
  16. Toxocara cati Transmission
    • Fecal-oral
    • Transmammary
    • Rodent Paratenic host
  17. Toxocara cati/ Toxascaris leonina Control/Rx
    • Same as T. canis
    • selamectin
    • emodepside
  18. Dog & Cat Ascarid
    Toxascaris leonina
  19. Toxascaris leonina DH
    dog and cats
  20. Toxascaris leonina General Migration
    eggs hatch in SI; become adults in SI
  21. Toxascaris leonina Transmission
    • Fecal-oral
    • rodent paratenic host
  22. Toxascaris leonina Disease
    • Poor growth
    • diarrhea
    • pot-belly
  23. Toxascaris leonina Zoonosis
  24. Whipworm Genus & Species
    Trichuris vulpis

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Nematodes Endoparasites Ascarids Whipworms Hookworms

Review of some common nematodes found inside small animals.
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