Ancient Greece

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  1. What is a city- state called in ancient Greece?
  2. a large hill in ancient Greece where city residents sought shelter and safety in times of war and met to discuss community affairs
  3. a central area in Greek cities used both as a meeting place and a marketplace
  4. a type of government in which a small group of citizens control decision making
  5. a territory or community that is under the control of another country
  6. a lawmaking body of government made up of a group of citizens
  7. a system of government in which citizens vote to make governmental decisions
  8. a government ruled by a king or queen
  9. a person with certain rights and responsibilites in his or her counrty of community
  10. In Greece, winters are...
    wet & windy
  11. In Greece, summers are...
    hot & dry
  12. The geography of Greece is...
    • - a peninsula
    • - mountains and hilly
  13. The biggest island of Greece is...
  14. Greece is located along the _______ shores of the _________ ______.
    • northeastern
    • Mediterranean Sea
  15. 2 major peninsulas
    • Attica
    • Peloponnesus
  16. 2 major city- states
    • Athens
    • Sparta
  17. Athens had a strong...
  18. Sparta had a strong...
  19. Did Sparta or Athens make thier boys by the age of seven go to military training?
  20. Why is trade important in Greece?
    because the soil is rocky and crops could not be grown
  21. The Greeks traded with who in the Mediterrian Sea?
  22. Where is Sparta and on what part?
  23. What was life like in Attica?
    girls stayed home and helped mothers and boys worked in fields with fathers
  24. Athens had what kind of government?
  25. The gods were thought to live on...
    Mount Olympus
  26. Famous poetry writer and two of his famous poems
    • Homer
    • Iiad and Odyssey
  27. Who is Pericles and what did he do?
    was an Athenian leader and made sure both teh poor and middle class could take part in the government
  28. What did Socrates do?
    led discussions on the right way to live and taught philosophy
  29. Who is Plato and what did he do?
    he was a student of Socrates and wrote down teachings of his, also became a philospher
  30. Who was the Peloponnesian war between?
    Athens and Aparta
  31. a stunning temple on top of the acroplis
  32. Alexander the Great
    a great military leader who conquered many areas- King of Macedonia
  33. a powerful kingdom to the north of Greece
  34. Who was Alexander's private teacher?
  35. What cities did Alexander conquer?
    Persia and Northern Egypt
  36. Alexander helped plan what city?
  37. Alexander's conquering helped to what?
    mix cultures
  38. What were the important contributations to teh Greek Empire?
    • education
    • alphabet
    • math
    • science
    • philosophy
    • democracy
    • architecture (columns)
    • theater (Homer)
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