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  1. what claims are made about herbal and nutritional supplements?
  2. which supplement ended up in cardiovascular events that lead to death?
  3. if someone is taking niacin, what should you be aware of when they are in the dental chair?
    postural hypotension
  4. t/f st johns wort has numer rxns
  5. when should herbal therapy be stopped before surgery?
    2 weeks before
  6. what extract is no longer used as botanical component for oral care products?
  7. what are the ADEs of herbal and dietary supplements that may impact oral healthcare?
    • postural hypotension
    • interaction with drugs for oral sedation
    • drowsiness
    • hypertension and tachycardia
    • oral ulceration
    • oral mucosal irritation
    • GI distress
    • increased bleeding
  8. t/f we have the active ingredient in the actual product
  9. what is the GMP?
    good manufacturing practice
  10. what was not required for herbal products or dietary supplements before June 2007?
  11. what do GMPs do?
    • meet specific quality standards
    • not adulterated or misbranded
    • contain active ingredient on the label
    • contain correct ingredients and doses stated on the label
  12. what must manufacturers test for to ensure accurate labeling?
  13. who has forced some supplement manufacturers to remove advertisements with false or unsubstantiated claims?
    FTC (federal trade commission)
  14. the FDA did not have authority to intervene unless what?
    there was proof the product was unsafe
  15. what does the FDA medwatch program do?
    report adverse events of supplements faciliated through FDA medwatch system
  16. which gov agency regulates advertising claims for dietary supplements?
  17. what are herbal products for oral purposes? (6)
    • essential oil mouthrinse (eucalyptol, menthol, lymol)
    • xylitol
    • acemannan
    • oil of cloves
    • triclosan
    • sanuinarine (REMOVED from Viadent formulation, causes leukoplakia, and antigingivitis effect)
  18. if there is an ADA seal of approval, what does that mean?
    the manufacture has met the claims it has been created to do.
  19. what is the mechanism of action of essential oil mouthrinse?
    bacterioSTATIC effect
  20. t/f listerine has an ADA seal of acceptance
  21. what is listerene used to do when used as an adjunct?
    to help REDUCE SUPRAgingival plaque and GINGIVITIS
  22. what sugar is comparable in sweetness with sucrose, but cannot be metabolized by streptococcus?
  23. what effects does xylitol have?
    antibacterial and cariostatic
  24. t/f if a mother chews gum 4X daily during first years of a child's life, will it decrease the risk of caries in children?
  25. t/f there is an antigingivitis effect in xylitol
  26. what is an extract from aloe vera leaf and has immodulating properties?
  27. what is the topical acemannan used for? is it by Rx or OTC?
    • reduce healing time of apthous ulcerations
    • OTC
  28. triclosan is an ____-based substance produced statisitically significant in REDUCTION in _____ and ______
    • herb
    • plaque
    • gingivitis
  29. what does colgate total have with their ADA seal of acceptance claim?
    antigingivitis effect
  30. waht product has the ADA seal of acceptance for an antigingivitis effect?
  31. t/f dental hygienist must be vigilant to identify potential ADEs
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