Head and Neck

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  1. Acromegaly
    enlarged facial features
  2. Cushing syndrome
    : moon face and in animals as well prolonged us of steroids
  3. Hyperthyroidism
    Big bug eyes
  4. HYPOthyroidism
    looks tired all the time
  5. Preauricular
    in front of the ear
  6. Posterior auricular (mastoid)
    superficial to the mastoid process
  7. Occipital
    at the base of the skull
  8. Submental
    midline, behind the tip of the mandible
  9. Submandibular
    halfway between the angle and the tip of the mandible
  10. Jugulodigastric
    under the angle of the madible
  11. Superficial cervical
    overlying the sternomastoid muscle
  12. Deep cervical
    deep under the sternomastoid muscle
  13. Posterior cervical
    in the posterior triangle along the edge of the trapezius muscle
  14. Supraclavicular
    just above and behind the clavicle, at the sternomastoid muscle
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