Warning Systems

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  1. When are level three alerts and associated Master Warning lights inhibited?
    During takeoff from V1 to 400 feet

    • Engine fire alerts are not inhibited during takeoff
    • the associated Master Warning lights are inhibited at V1
  2. Tire Fail Warning
    The Master Caution indication is inhibited

    The TIRE FAIL aural alert is not inhibited

    During Landing from 1000ft to 80kts
  3. What indication is received when the STAB Trim is not set in the green band?
    The essential items checklist will turn red and the takeoff warning will sound.
  4. List the Takeoff Essential Items EAD checklist items.
    S S S P F

    • Stabilizer
    • Slats
    • Spoilers
    • Parking Brake
    • Flaps
  5. What are the Landing Essential Items Checklist?
    Landing gear


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