Alphabetical 12

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  1. construe
    to interpret
  2. consummate
    perfect; complete; supremely skillful
  3. contentious
    argumentative; quarrelsome
  4. contiguous
    side by side; adjoining
  5. contingent
    dependent; possible
  6. contrite
    admitting guilt; especially feeling remorseful
  7. contrived
    atrificial; labored
  8. conventional
    common; customary; unexeptional
  9. convivial
    fond of partying; festive
  10. copious
    abundant; plentiful
  11. corollary
    something that follows; a natural consequence
  12. corroborate
    to confirm; to back up with evidence
  13. cosmopolitan
    at home in many places or situations; internationally sophisiticated
  14. countenance
    face; facial expression, especially an encouraging one
  15. coup
    a brilliant victory or accomplishment; the violent overthrow of a government by a samll internal group
  16. covenant
    a solemn agreement; a contract;m a pledge
  17. covert
    secret; hidden
  18. covet
    to wish for enviously
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