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  1. Arguments against interscholastic sports
    Distract from academics


    Wasted resources

    Creates false status systems

    Funded with public money
  2. Arguments for interscholastic sports
    Build self esteem

    Enhance Fitness

    Develop spirit and unity

    Reward valued Skill
  3. How participation in intercollegiate sports is related to grades and graduation rates
    High school athletes generally have better grades than general population

    Learn life skills

    Source of status and popularity

    Athletes get special treatment
  4. Problems associated with high school sports and intercollegiate athletics
    Misuse of funds

    Focus on eligibility not prep for future

    Not worth money put into it

    Sexism, Racism, Elitism

    Excessive violence

    Professionalization of athlete
  5. Characteristics of big time programs (high revenue, extensive travel)
    Emphasis on football and basketball: high revenue

    Full Scholarships

    Extensive Travel

    Elite competition
  6. Student culture - athletes treated differently. Why?
  7. Changes/reforms and recommendations for high school and intercollegiate athletics
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