Pathology and Microbiology NBDE 1986

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  1. Which of the following is most commonly associated with development of gastrointestinal cancer?

    A) Pedunculated adenoma
    B) Meckel's diverticulum
    C) Duodenal peptic ulcer
    D) Diverticulosis
    E) Villous adenoma
    Villous adenoma- villous adenomas are VILLANOUS
  2. Removal of the capsule from an encapsulated bacterium is likely to result in.
    A) increased susceptibility to mutation.
    B) failure of the cell to gram stain.
    C) loss of viability.
    D) increased susceptibility to phagocytosis
    .E) decreased generation time.
  3. The alum adjuvant employed in many vaccines acts biologically in tissues to

    A) prolong antigen release to immunocompetent cells in the region.
    B) Both (1) and (2) above
    C) Neither (1) nor (2) above
    D) serve as a local inflammatory stimulus.

    -decreases the need for titers and a smaller amount of antigen; increases immune response
  4. The most reliable gaseous sterilizing agent available for dental instruments is
    A) carbon dioxide.B) hydrogen sulfide.C) ethylene oxide.D) formaldehyde.
    ethylene oxide
  5. Peptic Ulcer Disease

    - most common cause
    - most common place
    - major complications
    • - H. pylori
    • - duodenum
    • - generally benign

    • Signs and symptoms:
    • - abdominal pain
    • - hematemesis
    • - feeling full

    • Complications:
    • 1. stenosis
    • 2. perforation (NOT feeling full)
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