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  1. Who was the piano player at the club where Charlie Parker washed dishes to earn extra money when he first came to NYC?
    Art Tatum
  2. What club in Harlem began to attract some of the most adventuresome and dissatified people in jazz in the years 1939-1940?
    Minton's Playhouse
  3. The house band at Minton's included 2 brillant young innovators:
    Kenny Clarke and Thelonius Monk
  4. What great trumpet player "cut" the great swing era trumpet palyers Roy Eldridge at Minton's?
    Dizzy Gillespie
  5. Gillespie had a lifelong fasination with:
    Theory and composition
  6. What is ironic about Gillespie's nickname Dizzy?
    No one's approach to Bop was intellectual than his
  7. One of the first swing bands Dizzy worked for in NYC was
    Cab Calloway
  8. In 1940, what alto sax player from KC started being heard in NYC?
    Charlie Parker
  9. Parker was born in
    1920 and raised in KC
  10. After a serious car wreck which killed his best friend, Charlie Parker became hooked on:
  11. Playing with the Jay McShann band, Parker got his distinctive nickname:
  12. Along with speed, Parker played the sax, another dimension to his playing was Parker's sax tone. It was:
    Hard and brittle: a sound devoid of pity
  13. In 1942, Bird left Jay McShann's band to join what band?
    Earl Hines
  14. What trumpet player did he meet in the Hines band, that together, they would change the face of jazz?
    Dizzy Gillespie
  15. Why, at first, and at least through 1942 and 1944, did Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie's playing remain a secret?
    The recording ban forbid musicians from making records.
  16. On November 26, 1945 Bird and Diz went into the recording studio and recorded one of the greatest of the Bop recordings called:
  17. This recording was really the first recording that:
    unleashed Parker to the jazz world
  18. What was the "new plague" confronting black communities after the war?
  19. Some musicians promoting the "new music" felt the time was right to:
    free jazz from the tyranny of popular taste
  20. The only thing that would matter in the "new music" was a musician's:
    • ability to read music
    • ability to get along with white musicians
    • virtuoso talents
  21. The singular genius who came to epitomize the "new music" was
    Charlie Parker
  22. The "innovations" of the new music came at a great cost as:
    Black and white audiences found other music to dance
  23. The end of WWII marked the beginning of the end for:
    the swing bands
  24. While stranded in LA Parker recorded several records on his own for the
    Dial Record label
  25. One of the tunes recorded on Parker's LA session was "Lover Man" and upon its release Parker said the recording should be:
    Stomped to the ground
  26. After a complete mental breakdown in LA due to alcohol and drug addictionand setting his hotel room on fire Parker was:
    Committed to Camarillo state mental hospital.
  27. Why did Dizzy Gillespie put together his on Bop big band?
    He wanted to show the world that Bop could be as entertaining and danceable as swing music
  28. The man who was the biggest "mentor" to Bop musicians was:
    Dizzy Gillespie
  29. Became the public face of Bop
    Dizzy Gillespie
  30. Parker lived with a dancer named:
    Chan Richardson
  31. Charlie Parker once said about using and being addicted to Heroin:
    You can get it out of your body but you can't get it out of your brain
  32. Jazz and great jazz soloists retreated to:
    night club and places too small for dancing
  33. The kind of jazz where musicians played to entertain themselves appearsafter the war at:
    jam sessions
  34. The "new music" was called:
  35. BeBop was as much
    evolutionary as it was revolutionary
  36. Dizzy Gillespie became:
    Bop's finest teacher and biggest champion
  37. Charlie Parker had been addicted to heroin since the age of:
  38. Charlie Parker's source for heroin when he came to LA was the proprietor of a shoe shine stand. This man's name was:
    Moose the Mooche
  39. When dancers heard Bop they would:
    just stand around the bandstand and gawk
  40. Who was the gifted young trumpet player playing with Bird at the Three Deuces?
    Miles Davis
  41. Critics dubbed the "new music" as Be Bop. What did Parker and Gillespie think of the word?
    Hated it
  42. In May of 1949 Parker and a group of jazz musicians went to Paris for one of the first:
    international jazz festivals
  43. In his life Parker never:
    recorded for a major label
  44. After his trip to Paris, he put together a group which would eventually be his best selling record. It was called:
    Charlie Parker with Strings
  45. What club opened in New York dedicated to Bop and named after CharlieParker?
  46. One of the most influential and talented Be-Boppers who brought the piano into the realm of modern jazz was:
    Bud Powell
  47. The female singer who made her mark in modern jazz was:
    Ella Fitzgerald
  48. What pianist loved Bop but hated the corrupting influence of drugs?
    John Lewis
  49. Bop seemed to align itself with a "hip" movement in the 50's known as:
    The Beats
  50. What Bop musician once dismissed Louis Armstrong as a "has been"?
    Dizzy Gillespie
  51. When Parker was buried in his home town of Kansas City his Motherordered that:
    No jazz be played at the funeral
  52. By the time of his death, his followers were covering the walls in GreenwichVillage with the slogan:
    Bird Lives
  53. What swing band leader referred to Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker as "musical communists?"
    Tommy Dorsey
  54. What event happens to Charlie Parker which seems to be the singular event which "pulls the rug out from under him" and sends him on his las tdownward spiral?
    Death of his daughter Pree
  55. What did the manager of Birdland do when Bird got drunk and tried to fire the band?
    Fired Bird instead
  56. What do Bird do with Jackie Mclean's horn that made Jackie very angry?
    He pawned it.
  57. The medical examiner estimated Charlie Parker's age at the time of his death at between
    55 and 60 years old.
  58. In reality, Bird died when he was
    34 years old.
  59. Dizzy Gillespie was born:
    In 1917 in Cheraw, SC
  60. Was the first to bring Latin rythmns into jazz
    Dizzy Gillespie
  61. On the tune Ko-Ko
    Dizzy played trumpet and piano. Not Miles or Bud Powell or Argonne Thorton
  62. Charlie Parker Died
    March 12, 1955
  63. Reason Bebop hurt jazz
    • 1. Less appeal than swing
    • 2. Scarcity of singers in modern jazz
    • 3. Ratio of improvisation greater in modern jazz
    • 4. Too complicated
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