Medical Assessment - NY EMT

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  1. First
    Scene Safe - BSI
  2. Next
    • Verbalize Full General Impression of the Patient Including NOI/MOI From Dispatch Call.
  3. Next
    AVPU = A then ask questions

    • Who - Introduce Yourself and get their name.
    • What - Cheif Complaint from Patient
    • Why - Any Injury or Trauma Recently

    This determines actual NOI/MOI and Decision on Neck Stabalization and call for ALS.
  4. Move on to...
  5. A & B
    Airway and Breathing

    Assess and Maintain Airway

    Non-Rebreather at 15 Liters

    Assure Adequate Ventilation, then Maintain and Monitor by talking w/Patient
  6. C

    Assess For and Control Majoy Bleading

    Assess Pulse

    Assess Skin CTC, Color, Temprature, & Condition
  7. D
    Decision to Load and Go
  8. A, B, C, & D
    Assessed Airway, Breathing, Circulation, and Decision to Transport, Prior to Focused History/Physical Exam
    • Onset
    • Prevoke (What were you doing)
    • Quality (type) of Pain
    • Radiation or Referral of Pain
    • Severity of Pain... 1-10
    • Time (Times it's happened before)
    • Intervention by Patient or Other
  10. SAMPLE
    • Signs & Symptoms
    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Past Pertinent History
    • Last Oral Intake
    • Events Leading to Present Illness (rule out Trauma again)
  11. Focused Physical Exam,
    • Auscilate Chest
    • Palpate Abdomen
    • JVD
    • TD
    • Edema (Ankles, Wrists?)
  12. Vital Signs (Baseline)
    • Pulse (Rate & Quality)
    • Respirations (Rate & Quality)
    • Blood Pressure
  13. Treatment/Interventions (NYS Protocol)
    No Dangerous or Inappropriate Intervention!
  14. Transport
    Re-evaluate Transport Decision♦
  15. Detailed Exam
    Verbalize Consideration of Doing a Detailed Exam
  16. Ongoing Treatment/Assessments
    • - Verbalize
    • Repeat Initial Assessment, Vital Signs, and Focused Assessment Every 5 Minutes Until Reaching Hospital
  17. Done!
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