Niamh Cullen Geography 2 Summer

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  1. As settlements get larger...
    They offer more services and have a higher population
  2. There are far more _____ than ______ or _______.
    There are far more hamlets than towns or cities.
  3. Settlement hierarchy? (Top to bottom)
    • Capital city
    • City
    • Large towns
    • Small towns
    • Large villages
    • Small villages
    • Hamlets
  4. Population in Hamlet?
    Less than 100
  5. Population in Village?
    Less than 2000
  6. Population in Small Town?
    Less than 20,000
  7. Population in Large Town?
    Less than 100,000
  8. Population in City?
  9. What are GOODS?
    Things you buy very often that are relatively Mace.
  10. What are SERVICES?
    Something you pay for but could do yourself. eg hairdresser.
  11. Meaning of HIGH ORDER GOOD?
    High order is what you would only go to maybe once a year and where you treat yourself. It's COMPARISON with prices and brands. Normally it would be good quality things you buy. eg. furniture shops
  12. Meaning of LOW ORDER GOOD?
    Low order goods are things you buy mostly every day that are realitivley cheap. You would find them in small stores and we can get quickly. e.g bread/milk. They are CONVIENENT.
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