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  1. Jackson
    • "Democrats" falling apart
    • Expansion of voting right reininvigorating the electoral system
  2. Whigs
    • Anti-Jackson
    • from urban north east
    • oppose Jackson and his democracy
    • oppose expansion
    • oppose political corruption
    • oppose expansion
    • support strong government
  3. Martin Van Buren
    • was Jackson's vice president
    • follows Jackson
    • wants to keep government from stopping or eliminating slavery
  4. Manifest Destiny
    • Given by God to move west
    • Document and treaties all about this
    • Indians land should be taken
    • they are not fit but whites are
    • art and more cultural representation of Americans is based on the idea of the "west"
    • America's greatness would rest in this new land and what could be produced in it
  5. Texas as Mexico
    • Mexico offered land grants to settlers
    • Many of them from the US
    • In hopes of populating and stablizing
  6. Tejanos
    • Represented white settlers
    • Projected as a land for slave holders
  7. Texas
    • Mexican govt. had an up and down policy about slavery
    • a lot of people from south were moving to Texas to take up land
    • thought Austin should be a slave state
  8. Texas Republic 1836
    wanted to be annexed as a state
  9. Alamo
    People that declared republic in Mexican territory was like an act of war
  10. John Tyler
    • carries on in Jackson's footsteps
    • Wanted annexation of Texas and regon territory
    • people were opposed to expansion
    • blocked by Congress
    • In last hours of presidency, after already making a deal about Oregon, he approves and forces through the annexation of Texas
  11. James Polk
    • Makes agreement with Canada that 49 degrees below in US territory
    • Wanted to buy territory for $30 million
    • Wanted to exted border past the Rio Grande
  12. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    • 1848
    • Everything north and west of the Rio Grande River is US territory
    • -New Mexico, Utah, California, part of Wyoming
    • US had a huge amount of Mexican land
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