arch history movements

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    FAUVISM: - strong color over representational qualities- wild brush strokes- simplification and abstraction- e.g. Matisse
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    SUPREMATISM: - idealized geometric forms (square and circle esp.)- idea of 4th dimension beyond our senses
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    CUBISM: - object broken up, analyzed, reassembled- depicted from multiple viewpoints- interpenetrating planes --> ambiguous space- e.g. Picasso
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    PRIMITIVISM: - idealizing simple/primitive social behavior (violence, sexuality, madness)- celebrate the "unconscious" more common in NON Europeans- dreams and symbols --> universal
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    PURISM: - form of cubism, but DIFFERENT (not "taken apart")- take decorative elements to more basic form (inspired by modern technology)- areas of pure color- eg. Ozenfant and Le Corbusier
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    SURREALISM: - belief in superior reality of certain forms- omnipotence of dream in play of thought- surprise, non-chronological- eg. Duchamp, Klee
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    DADAISM: - "anti-art" against reason and logic of art and civilization- approach object with "a new set of eyes"- eg. Duchamp
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    EXPRESSIONISM: - distortion to create an emotive effect- challenge academic traditions- eg. Kandinsky--> Glass Pavilion, Mendelsohn, Einstein Tower
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    CONSTRUCTIVISM: - art used for social/political purpose- industrial approach- celebrates technology- eg. Melnikov (Russian Pavilion!), Lissitzky
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    Symbolism: - mystical tendencies of life --> mythology- dark/private aspects of life and death- quest for the unknown- eg. Klimt
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arch history movements
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