A P chapter 3

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  1. Define a cell
  2. What are the two general classes of cells in the body?
    Sex cells and somatic (body) cells
  3. List six functional categories of membrane proteins
  4. What are the major differences between passive processes and active processes that move substances across celll membranes?
  5. Simple diffussion:
  6. Osmosis:
  7. facilitated diffusion:
  8. Active transport:
  9. Sodium-potassium exchange pump;
  10. Phagocytosis:
  11. Pinocytosis:
  12. Receptor-mediated endocytosis:
  13. what are the main factors that affect diffussion rate (flux), both in general and across membrane?
  14. Compare the effects of isotonic, hypertonic, hoptonic solutions on red blood cells.
  15. Define osmotic pressure, hemolysis, and crenation
  16. How are facilitated diffussion and active transport different? similar?
  17. What is an organelle? in general, what is their function?
  18. Describe the composition and function of ribosomes
  19. Distinguish between rought and smooth endoplasmic reticulum (ER). what are their functions?
  20. Describe the structure and functions of the golgi apparatus
  21. decribe the functions of lysosomes
  22. why are mitochondria called the "powerhouses" of the cell?
  23. describe the basic structure and functions of nucleous of a cell
  24. summarize the steps in trascription and translation
  25. describe the roles played in protein synthesis by each of the following : DNA, mRNA, tRNA, ribosome, amino acid, RNA polymerase
  26. Distinguish between the two types of cell division. whi is each important?
  27. Define interphase. During which part of interphase is DNA synthesized (replicated)?
  28. Describe the main events of each state of mitosis
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