Dobutamine (Dobutrex)

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  1. Class
    Sympathetic agonist
  2. Description
    Synthetic catecholamine, primarily acts on Beta One receptors but is less potent Beta agonist than Isoproterenol.
  3. Mechanism of Action
    Increase force of systolic contraction with little chronotropic activity.
  4. Onset of Action
    • Onset: 2-10min
    • Peak: 10-20 min
    • Duration: Varies
    • Half-Life: 2 min
  5. Indications
    Short term management of CHF when an increase in cardiac output is desired not an increased cardiac rate
  6. Contraindications
    Only used in as sole agent in hypovolemic shock if fluid resuscitation is well under way, Dopamine is preferred for increased cardiac output.
  7. Precautions
    Ventricular irritability, caution following MI, can be deactivated by alkaline solutions, Increase workload and oxygen demand on the heart.
  8. Side Effects
    Headache, HTN, Palpitations.
  9. Adult Dose
  10. Pedi-Dose
    2-20 ug/kg/min
  11. Max Dose
    See Above
  12. Routes of Administration
    IV Drip
  13. How Supplied
    250 mg placed in 500 ml of D5W is concentrations of .5mg/ml
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