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  1. Pylons are independently controlled through a range of ________ in elevation.
    +4.9° to -15° in elevation
  2. The ________ provides the interface between the weapons processor and the pylon
    discrete signals.
    Pylon Interface Unit (PIU)
  3. The flight mode is automatically commanded on takeoff when the squat switch indicates airborne for more than _____ seconds.
    5 seconds
  4. The STORES JETTISON panel allows for ________ jettison of wing stores while the emergency JETT pushbutton will jettison all stores.
  5. The pylons are positioned to ground stow (WPN UTIL Page) which commands the pylons to ______degrees.
    -5 degrees
  6. The ________ processor establishes the aircraft state as SAFE upon aircraft power-up.
    System Processor
  7. The M151 warhead has a bursting radius of ______ meters and a lethality radius of _______ meters.
    10 meter bursting radius; >50 meter lethality radius
  8. The TOTAL ROCKETS status window is displayed when?
    The TOTAL ROCKETS status window is displayed when there is a difference between the number of rockets available for firing and the number of rockets actually of the selected type.
  9. The PEN button will display when the _____ fuze is loaded which can defeat bunkers up to _______meters thick.
    M433 fuze; 3 meters thick
  10. The M261 (MPSM) warhead contains _____ M73 submunitions that will produce 195 (10 grain) high velocity fragments that travel up to 5000 feet per second and can penetrate more than _____ inches of armor.
    4 inches
  11. Due to the possibility of surging engines, do not fire rockets from the ______________ stations. Fire no more than ________ with two outboard launchers every _______ seconds, or fire with only one outboard launcher installed without restrictions.
    Inboard stations; fire no more than pairs every 3 seconds
  12. The two types of rocket inhibits are _______________ and ___________________.
    Safety and Performance Inhibits
  13. What does an ALT LAUNCH message indicate?
    Indicates that a Hellfire launch is in progress
  14. What message will display when the actioning crewmember’s selected sight is Fire ControlRadar (FCR), and there is no Next-To-Shoot (NTS) target?
  15. What is the maximum range for MK-66 and CRV-7?
    • MK-66 = 7500m
    • CRV-7 = 9000m
  16. When the Independent mode is used, only the ________ crewmember’s trigger is active
    Actioning crewmember
  17. In the Cooperative mode, the ________acquires and tracks the target, and the ________aligns the aircraft for launch using the rocket steering cursor.
    CPG acquires and the PLT aligns
  18. The rocket INVENTORY and QTY selection defaults to the ________ selections during cooperative engagements.
    CPG selections
  19. The Cooperative mode is active whenever the rocket system is actioned via the:
    the TEDAC left handgrip and pilot cyclic WAS.
  20. In the Cooperative mode, both weapon triggers are active and the ________ Line Of Sight (LOS) and range source are used for the ballistics calculations.
  21. What are the four types of ballistics influencing helicopter-fired weapons?
    • interior
    • exterior
    • aerial
    • terminal
  22. Which type of ballistics best describes the characteristics and effects of the projectiles at the target?
    Terminal ballistics
  23. Thrust misalignment is a characteristic of ________ ballistics.
    Interior ballistics
  24. Interior ballistics deals with characteristics that affect projectile motion inside the:
    gun barrel or rocket tube
  25. The pilot may have to pitch the nose of the aircraft up when firing rockets beyond ________ meters. The pylons will articulate up to _________ degrees per second to compensate for this motion.
    4500 meters; 10° per second
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