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  1. What constitutes a normal finding when assessing the umbilical cord of a new born?
    Three vessels: two arteries and one vein
  2. While breastfeeding, a new mother strokes the top of her baby's head and asks the nurse about the baby's swollen scalp. The nurse responds that the swelling is caput succedaneum. Which additional information should the nurse provide this new mother?
    The scalp edema will subside a few days after birth
  3. When preparing a class on newborn care for expectant parents, what content should the nurse teach concerning the newborn infant born at term gestation?
    A) Milia are red marks made by forceps and will disappear within 7 to 10 days.
    B) Meconium is the first stool and is usually yellow gold in color.
    C) Vernix is a white, cheesy substance, predominantly located in the skin folds.
    D) Pseudostrabismus found in newborns is treated by minor surgery.

    Vernix is a white, cheesy substance, predominantly located in the skin folds.
  4. Immediately after birth a newborn infant is suctioned, dried, and placed under a radiant warmer. The infant has spontaneous respirations and the nurse assesses an apical heart rate of 80 beats/minute and respirations of 20 breaths/minute. What action should the nurse perform next?
    Initate positive pressure ventilation

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