Descriptive Analysis of Communites

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  1. gradient analysis
    • analysis of species composition along an environmental gradient, or some abiotic variable
    • how species' respond (relative abundance) to abiotic factor when it varies
    • usually reveals individualistic response
    • ex: altitude gradient,moisture gradient
  2. ordination
    • method for arranging communities in "similarity space," based on a large series of community variables
    • uses principal component analysis
  3. principal component analysis example
    • reflects the pattern of similarities among different stands
    • permits test of what matters in community compposition
    • indicates that communities are not completely haphazard assemblages
  4. distributional analysis
    • looks for similar patterns of geographic distribution among community members
    • close correspondence suggests integration
  5. Clement's Equilibrial View
    predicts thaat once community change has ceased community type will remain the same; with same recurrent members that are integrated functionally through interactions like predation and competition
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