KDL 5es rann

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  1. a wrug mos
  2. tren, -ow
  3. erbyn unnek eur
    by 11 o'clock
  4. y'n eur na
    at that time
  5. dyskans, -ow
  6. gorsav, -ow
  7. kekeffrys
  8. a worthybis
  9. A<sup>2</sup> wrussowgh hwi kowlwul?
    Have you completed?
  10. Gwrians an Bys
    The Creation of the World
  11. a'ga esedh
  12. Na wrug
    No, I didn't
  13. an seythun a dheu
    the coming week
  14. dh'y worfenna
    to finish it
  15. ottomma
    here is
  16. kavoes
    to find
  17. ma nag eus megi
    where there is no smoking
  18. gwell yw genev
    I prefer
  19. kocha, kochys
  20. a'n par na
    like that
  21. yn gwella prys
  22. hedhi
    to stop
  23. daras, -ow
  24. a-dherag
    in front of
  25. arwoedh, -yow
  26. megi difennys
    no smoking
  27. deun yn rag!
    come on!
  28. nyns eus saw
    there is only
  29. gorra
    to put
  30. sagh, seghyer
  31. roes-fardellow (f.), -ow-
    luggage rack
  32. roes (f.), -ow
  33. dalleth
    to begin
  34. fordh (f), -ow
  35. tremenyas, tremenysi
  36. attes
  37. mynysenn (f.), -ow
  38. tan, -yow
  39. sigaret
  40. hwytha
    to blow
  41. a-berth y'n
    into the
  42. komolenn (f.), kommol
  43. euthek
  44. a<sup>2</sup> vog
    of smoke
  45. leverel
    to say
  46. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrav (vy)
    I do/make
  47. Y<sup>5</sup> hwredh (jy)
    you do/make (sg.)
  48. Y<sup>5</sup> hwra (ev/hi)
    he/she/it does/makes
  49. Y<sup>5</sup> hwren (ni)
    we do/make
  50. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrewgh (hwi)
    you do/make (pl.)
  51. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrons (i)
    they do/make
  52. a<sup>2</sup>?
    interrogative particle
  53. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrama
    I do/make (unstressed)
  54. Y<sup>5</sup> hwreta
    You do/make (unstressed) (sg.)
  55. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrava
    He makes (unstressed)
  56. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrug (vy)
    I did/made
  57. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrussys (jy)
    you did/made (sg.)
  58. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrug (ev/hi)
    He/she/it did made
  59. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrussyn (ni)
    We did/made
  60. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrussowgh (hwi)
    You did/made (pl.)
  61. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrussons (i)
    They did/made
  62. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrugavy
    I did/made (unstressed)
  63. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrussysta/hwruss'ta
    You did/made (unstressed) (sg.)
  64. Y<sup>5</sup> hwruga
    He/she/it did/made (unstressed)
  65. A wruss'ta gweles Erwan? Gwrug
    Did you see Erwan? Yes
  66. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrugavy gul an ober
    I did the work
  67. Y<sup>5</sup> hwreta skrifa lyther
    You (do) write a letter
  68. Ny<sup>2</sup> wrav kewsel Kernewek
    I do not speak Cornish
  69. Res yw dhe Yowann degea y<sup>2</sup> werthji
    John has to close his shop
  70. Res yw dhedha...
    They have to...
  71. Gwell yw ganso...
    He prefers...
  72. Gwell yw genen mires orth an<sup>2</sup> bellwolok
    We prefer watching TV
  73. ow<sup>3</sup>
  74. dha<sup>2</sup>
    your (sg.)
  75. y<sup>2</sup>
  76. hy<sup>3</sup>
  77. agan
  78. agas
    your (pl.)
  79. aga<sup>3</sup>
  80. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrav y<sup>2</sup> dhannvon lyther
    I send him a letter
  81. My a<sup>2</sup> vynn y<sup>2</sup> dhyski
    I want to learn it
  82. Res yw dhymm dha<sup>2</sup> dhannvon lyther
    I must send you a letter
  83. Res yw dhe Jenifer y redya
    Jenifer must read it
  84. Y<sup>5</sup> hwrussons aga<sup>3</sup> honvedhes
    They understood them
  85. gwelav
    I see
  86. gwelydh
    you see (sg.)
  87. gwel
    he/she/it sees
  88. gwelyn
    we see
  89. gwelowgh
    you see (pl.)
  90. gwelons
    they see
  91. gwelis
    I saw
  92. gwelsys
    you saw (sg.)
  93. gwelas
    he/she/it saw
  94. gwelsyn
    we saw
  95. gwelsowgh
    you saw (pl.)
  96. gwelsons
    they saw
  97. Y<sup>5</sup> hwelsons y<sup>2</sup> ji
    They saw his house
  98. A<sup>2</sup> welydh ow lyvr? Gwelav
    (do) You see my book? Yes
  99. galloes
    to be able
  100. gallav
    I can
  101. gyllydh
    you can (sg.)
  102. gyll
    he/she/it can
  103. gyllyn
    we can
  104. gyllowgh
    you can (pl.)
  105. gyllons
    they can
  106. gyllis
    I could
  107. gyllsys
    you could (sg.)
  108. gallas
    he/she/it could
  109. gyllsyn
    we could
  110. gyllsowgh
    you could (pl.)
  111. gallsons
    they could
  112. Y<sup>5</sup> hyllowgh ow gweres
    You (pl.) can help me
  113. Ny<sup>2</sup> allav y<sup>2</sup> weres
    I cannot help him
  114. A<sup>2</sup> yllsys dannvon an lyther? Y<sup>5</sup> hyllis y<sup>2</sup> dhannvon.
    Were you (sg.) able to send the letter? Yes, I could send it.
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Pympes rann yw homma a'n steus ebost KDL (<a href="http://www.kesva.org/KDL">Kernewek Dre Lyther</a>). Nyns eus saw gerva an dyskans 14 ha geryow erell ynni. Nyns yw ryw an treylyans diskwedhys pub eur oll y'n rann ma, awos yw kler lieskweyth a'n gettestenn. Pan yw treylyans na welyn ni lieskweyth, diskwedhys yw. Rag dyski liesplegow henwyn nag yw saw unn dyskans y'n rann ma. Rollys diblans yns. This is the fifth part of the e-mail course KDL (<a href="http://www.kesva.org/KDL">Kernewek Dre Lyther</a>). Only the wordlist of lesson 14 and other words are in it. The kind of the mutation is not always shown in this part, because it is often clear from the context. When it is a mutation that we do not see often, it is shown. There is only one lesson in this part to learn the plurals of nouns. They are listed separately.
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