gi meds: laxative

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  1. what metablolic and endocrine disorders causes constipation?
    diabetes, hypothyroidism, pregnancy
  2. what neurogenic factors casues constipation
    autonomic neurpathy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord lesions, Parkinson's disease, CVA
  3. what adverse drug effects casues constipation?
    analgesics, anticholinergics, iron supplements, opiates, aluminum and calcium antacids
  4. psyllum(metamucil)
    bulk forming laxative
  5. methylcellulose
    bulk forming laxative
  6. polycarbophil
    bulk forming laxative
  7. docusate salts (colace, surfak)
    stool softners
  8. mineral oil is a what?
  9. laculose and miralax are what type of laxatives?
    hyperosmotics (increase fecal water content)
  10. magnesium sulfate, MOM, magnesium citrate, sodium phosphate are what type of laxatives?
    saline (increase the osmotic pressure within the intestinal tract cause more water to enter the intestines
  11. castor oil is what type of laxative
    stimulant (increases the peristalis via the intestinal nerve stimulation)
  12. what laxative group do you use for acute and chronic constipaiton, irritable bowel syndrome, and diverticulosis (pockets that form in the gut)
    bulk forming
  13. what laxative group do you use for acute and chronic constipation, softening of fecal impaction, and facilitation of BMs in anorectal conditions
  14. WHAT laxative group do you use for chronic constipation, diagnostic preps, constipation, removal of helminths and parasite
  15. what LG do you use for acute constipation and diagnostic and surgical bowel preps
  16. what LG do you use for adverse effects of
    impaction and fluid overload
    bulk forming
  17. what laxative group do you use for adverse effects skin rashes, decreased absorption of vitamins
  18. what LG do you use for adverse effects abdominal bloating, and rectal irritaiton
  19. what LG group do you use for AE of magnesium toxicity, crampin, diarrhea, increased thirst
  20. what LG do you use for AE with nutrient malabsorption, skin rashes, gastric irritation, and rectal irritation
  21. what are emetics use for?
    in emegency situations to remove poisons from the stomach
  22. what does Apomorphine do?
    acts directly on the CNS to casue vomiting in emergency situation to remove posion from the stomach
  23. this is take PO and acts as a gastric irritant to produce vomiting
    syrup of ipecac
  24. never use emetics after the ingestion of what?
    corrosive or caustic substance
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