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  1. Who used to lie at the
    Who used to lie at the pool which in Aramaic is called Bethesda? / A great number of disabled people-- the blind, the lame, the paralyzed / John 5:2-3
  2. Who used to sit
    Who used to sit and beg? / The man who had been born blind / John 9:8
  3. Who visited
    Who visited Cana in Galilee once more? / Jesus / John 4:46
  4. Who waits
    Who waits and listens for the bridegroom? / The friend who attends the bridegroom / John 3:29
  5. Who want
    Who want to carry out their father's desire? / the Jews who had believed him / John 8:44
  6. Who wanted to ask
    Who wanted to ask Jesus about what he was saying? / Some of his disciples / John 16:19
  7. Who wanted to be
    Who wanted to be able to eat the Passover? / The Jews / John 18:28
  8. Who wanted to seize
    Who wanted to seize Jesus? / Some / John 7:44
  9. Who wants
    Who wants those the Father has given him to be with him where he is and see his glory? / Jesus / John 17:24
  10. Who warned
    Who warned his disciples? / Jesus / John 16:4
  11. Who was a lamp
    Who was a lamp that burned and gave light? / John / John 5:35
  12. Who was a man
    Who was a man of the Pharisees? / Nicodemus / John 3:1
  13. Who was a member
    Who was a member of the Jewish ruling council? / Nicodemus / John 3:1
  14. Who was a murderer
    Who was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth? / the devil / John 8:44
  15. Who was a relative
    Who was a relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut off? / One of the high priest's servants / John 18:26
  16. Who was a thief?
    Who was a thief? / Judas Iscariot / John 12:6
  17. Who was accompanied
    Who was accompanied by Nicodemus? / Joseph of Arimathea / John 19:39
  18. Who was also
    Who was also baptizing at Aenon near Salim? / John / John 3:23
  19. Who was among
    Who was among those reclining at the table with Jesus? / Lazarus / John 12:2
  20. Who was Annas?
    Who was Annas? / the father-in-law of Caiaphas / John 18:13
  21. Who was asked,
    Who was asked, "You are not one of his disciples, are you?" / Simon Peter / John 18:25
  22. Who was at
    Who was at the Passover Feast? /Jesus/ John 2:23
  23. Who was aware
    Who was aware that his disciples were grumbling about his teaching? /Jesus/ John 6:61
  24. Who was baptizing at
    Who was baptizing at Bethany on the other side of the Jordan? / John / John 1:28
  25. Who was baptizing more
    Who was baptizing more disciples than John? / Jesus / John 4:1
  26. Who was before Abraham
    Who was before Abraham was born? / Jesus / John 8:58
  27. Who was before John?
    Who was before John? / He who comes after me John / John 1:15
  28. Who was behind
    Who was behind the other disciple? / Simon Peter / John 20:6
  29. Who was blind,
    Who was blind, but now he sees? / The man who had been blind from birth / John 9:25
  30. Who was born
    Who was born to testify to the truth? / Jesus / John 18:37
  31. Who was breaking
    Who was breaking the Sabbath? /Jesus/ John 5:18
  32. Who was called
    Who was called Didymus? / Thomas / John 11:16
  33. Who was carrying
    Who was carrying his own cross? / Jesus / John 19:17
  34. Who was caught
    Who was caught in the act of adultery? / This woman / John 8:4
  35. Who was close
    Who was close to death? / The son of a certain royal official / John 4:47
  36. Who was coming
    Who was coming into the world? / The true light that gives light to every man / John 1:9
  37. Who was cured
    Who was cured at once? /The invalid/ John 5:9
  38. Who was deeply
    Who was deeply moved in spirit and troubled when he saw Mary weeping and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping? / Jesus / John 11:33
  39. Who was doing miraculous
    Who was doing miraculous signs in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast? / Jesus/ John 2:23
  40. Who was doing these
    Who was doing these things on the Sabbath? / Jesus / John 5:16
  41. Who was even calling
    Who was even calling God his own Father? / Jesus/ John 5:18
  42. Who was even more
    Who was even more afraid when he heard this? / Pilate / John 19:8
  43. Who was following
    Who was following Jesus and Peter? / The disciple whom Jesus loved / John 21:20
  44. Who was from Bethany?
    Who was from Bethany? / Lazarus / John 11:1
  45. Who was from Bethsaida
    Who was from Bethsaida in Galilee? / Philip/ John 12:21
  46. Who was from Cana
    Who was from Cana in Galilee? / Nathanael / John 21:2
  47. Who was from the
    Who was from the town of Bethsaida? / Philip, like Andrew and Peter / John 1:44
  48. Who was gaining
    Who was gaining and baptizing more disciples than John? / Jesus / John 4:1
  49. Who was glad?
    Who was glad? /The Jews' father Abraham / John 8:56
  50. Who was glorified?
    Who was glorified? / Jesus/ John 12:16
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