Melchiode Grade School

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  1. Characteristics of Grade schooler
    Get finality of death- age 10, rules, wann apls, boys-motor activity, girls-sm m coordination, pleasure from learning new skills, greater sense of ID and self-esteerm that's linked to mastery they have established, family romance fantasy- real parent wouldn't treat me like this must be switched at bith, concrete fears
  2. Tasks of Grade Schooler
    • 1. Kohlberg: morality: ability to predict long-range conseq for actns and capacity to prefer sistant, greater gratif over immediate, lesser gratif
    • bot require abilty to predict actns of others to one's actns
    • high intel, peer pop, high soc class-> faster and further thru sequence
    • 2. conform to rules and fascinated with adherence to rules (wrestling, superheros)
  3. Grade schoolers- play
    • Ineractive sports-> friends
    • mastering games, crafts, sports-> sense of competence and fulfill Erikson's polarity of Industry
  4. Grade schoolers- sexuality
    • dirty jokes, curiostiy, secretively play doctor,
    • sex ed: correct names for genetalia, at home sibs being born, cat having kittens, parents, school, will hinder sexual dev't by pushing into date
  5. Erikson
    • Industry v. Inferiority
    • Master craft and doing well in school: sense of industry
    • Unable to accomplish: feel inferior
  6. Facts
    • Richard Green's study: 2/3 feminine boys-> homo or bi vs. on 1 boy out of contol becoming homo/bi
    • School phobia- aversion/fear of attending school
    • vs. separation anxiety- fear of sep from mom which my cause apprehension to being removed from familiar circumstance/ppl (like Ann)
    • Systemic desensitization- teacing coping/relaing methods paired with grad exposure to fears
    • Flooding- consenting child suddenly exposed to learn calmness and overcome anxiety
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