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  1. Which communications mgmt process is an initiating process?
    Identify Stakeholders
  2. Which communications mgmt process is a planning process?
    Plan Communications
  3. Which communications mgmt processes are executing processes?
    • Distribute Information
    • Manage Stakeholder Expectations
  4. Which communications mgmt process is a monitoring and controlling process?
    Report Performance
  5. What is the PRIMARY output from Identify Stakeholders?
    Stakeholder register
  6. What is the PRIMARY output from Plan Communications?
    Communications management plan
  7. What is the PRIMARY output from Manage Stakeholder Expectations?
    Change requests
  8. What are the PRIMARY two outputs from Report Performance?
    • Performance reports
    • Change requests
  9. What is the project manager's most important skillset?
  10. When is Identify Stakeholders performed?
    At the very beginning of the project, following Develop Project Charter
  11. What are the two inputs to Identify Stakeholders?
    • Project Charter
    • Procurement Documents - contracts may give info about stakeholders
  12. What is the key tool used in Identify Stakeholders?
    Stakeholder Analysis - determine which are the most important and their level of interest in the project
  13. What are the two outputs from Identify Stakeholders?
    • Stakeholder Register
    • Stakeholder Management Strategy
  14. What elements are included in the communications management plan?
    • How often communications will be updated and distributed
    • The format of communications
    • What information is included in project communications
    • Which stakeholders will receive the communications
    • Who should send the communication
    • Definitions so everyone understands terms
  15. When is Plan Communications performed?
    Early in the project, but after Identify Stakeholders
  16. What are the 2 inputs to Plan Communications?
    • Stakeholder Register
    • Stakeholder Management Strategy
  17. What are the 2 tools used by Plan Communications?
    • Communication Requirements Analysis - who, when, how, content
    • Communication models
  18. The PM may need to establish what type of communication rules for large teams?
    Official channels of communication
  19. In communication management, what is "noise"?
    Noise is anything that gets in the way of the recipient of info understanding it. Ex: distance, cultural/language differences, bias, transmission method, etc.
  20. In communication, what is "feedback"?
    Refers to verbal and nonverbal cues a speaker must monitor to see whether the listener fully comprehends the message
  21. What is "paralingual" communication?
    It is vocal, but not verbal - tone of voice, volume, pitch, etc.
  22. What are "communication blockers"?
    Anything that gets in the way of the sender encoding or the receiver decoding the message
  23. What are the four basic methods of communication? Give an example of each.
    • Informal written - email, memos
    • Formal written - contracts, project documents
    • Informal verbal - phone calls, meetings
    • Formal verbal - speeches, mass communications
  24. Give an example of Interactive, Push, and Pull communications
    • Interactive - a meeting where people can ask questions
    • Push - an email blast
    • Pull - a website where content can be downloaded
  25. What is the focus of Distribute Information?
    The execution of the Communication Management Plan. This is where the bulk of project communications take place.
  26. When is Distribute Information performed?
    It is performed throughout the life of the project, but it elevates in importance during the construction phase.
  27. What are the 2 key inputs to Distribute Information?
    • Project Management Plan - Communication Management Plan being the key element
    • Performance Reports
  28. What are the 2 tools used by Distribute Information?
    • Communication Methods
    • Information Distribution Tools
  29. Give an example of Information Distribution Tools
    • Intranet Portal
    • Email
    • Postal Service
    • Text messages
  30. What is the focus of the Manage Stakeholder Expectations process?
    Proactively identifying and resolving stakeholder issues before they become problems. Making sure stakeholders are kept up to date.
  31. What are the 5 inputs to Manage Stakeholder Expectations?
    • Stakeholder Register
    • Stakeholder Management Strategy
    • Project Management Plan - Communications Management Plan being the key element
    • Issue Log
    • Change Log
  32. What are the 3 tools used by Manage Stakeholder Expectations?
    • Communication Methods
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Management Skills
  33. What communication method is most favored by PMI?
    Face-to-face meetings
  34. What is the ultimate goal (unwritten output) from Manage Stakeholder Expectations?
    Satisfied stakeholders
  35. What are the key differences between Distribute Information and Report Performance?
    • DI is an executing process; RP is a monitoring and controlling process
    • RP is focused on reporting performance vs the plan; DI is more general in its communication goals
  36. What are the 4 key inputs to Report Performance?
    • Project Management Plan
    • Work Performance Information
    • Work Performance Measurements
    • Budget Forecasts
  37. What are the 4 tools used by Report Performance?
    • Variance Analysis
    • Forecasting Methods
    • Communication Methods
    • Reporting Systems
  38. What are the 2 key outputs from Report Performance
    • Performance Reports
    • Change Requests
  39. What is the formula to determine the number of communication channels possible based on project team size?
    Channels = n * (n-1) / 2
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