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  1. Young Frankenstein is an example of?
    traditional comedy
  2. Three Basic Elements of a Joke?
    • Set-Up
    • Bridge
    • Pay Off
  3. Rules of Comedy?
    • Never make fun of the weak and helpless
    • Sex is always funny NEVER erotic
    • No one ever gets seriously hurt
  4. Comedy Thrives on?
    • Contrast
    • Entrances and exits
    • Left to right camera movement
    • tag line
    • the chase
    • running gags
  5. Contrast?
    Young Frankenstein EX: Blind monk with a mute monster
  6. Entrances and exits?
    Seinfeld EX: Someone is always coming and going in/out of Jerry�s apartment
  7. Try to get at least 3 jokes out of the set-up and bridge?
    • Each should be increasingly funny
    • Physical element is important
    • Tag lines are used at the end of a scene to enhance the humor
  8. Types of Comedy?
    • Character or Situation: there should either be a funny character or a funny situation to make a film funny
    • It�s great to have both
  9. Litmus Test?
    • Main test of comedy: Is it funny or not
    • Something usually isn�t funny if it violates one of the three rules of comedy
  10. Treating Adults as Children?
    • Another main form of comedy
    • In-class EX: Blues Brothers
  11. The Chase?
    • An Element of Traditional Comedy
    • The clip used from Raising Arizona illustrates the rule of comedy that no one ever gets seriously hurt
  12. Running Gag?
    • Something humorous used continually throughout a film
    • In-class EX: Splash
    • John Candy drops coins in order to look up women�s skirts
  13. Two Extremes?
    • Comedy uses a long shot in order to give the audience a good view of the surroundings (in general)
    • Dramatic films thrives on close-ups
  14. Example of a Funny Character and Situation?
    • Clip from Night on Earth illustrates a funny character and situation
    • Taxi driver confesses to a priest that he had sexual relationships with multiple pumpkins and a sheep. As a result, he can no longer eat meat or vegetables.
  15. Young Frankenstein Inciting Incident and type?
    • stealing the body from the graveyard
    • situational
  16. Young Frankenstein 1st major plot point?
    giving the body life
  17. Young Frankenstein 2nd major plot point?
    transferring personalities from the scientist to the monster
  18. Young Frankenstein theme?
    true love will overcome
  19. what does the monologue do?
    pushes the envelope of comedy
  20. Annie Hall is an example of?
    transitional comedy
  21. Annie Hall inciting incident and type?
    • alvy meets annie
    • action
  22. Annie Hall 1st major plot point?
    alvy and annie go out and hit it off
  23. Annie Hall 2nd major plot point?
    alvy breaks up with annie
  24. Woody Allen uses ____ in his filmmaking and example?
    • subtexts
    • scene where annie and alvy are talking on the balcony
  25. Annie Hall set-up?
    dwayne is crazy
  26. Annie Hall bridge?
    its suggested that dwayne drives annie and alvy to the airport
  27. Annie Hall pay off?
    dwayne driving them to the airport
  28. In ____ comedy, ___, ___, and ___ are usually in the same scene?
    • Traditional
    • set up
    • bridge
    • pay off
  29. What violates the rules of comedy and deals with serious topics?
    Black comedy
  30. Man Unkind is an example of?
    Black Comedy
  31. Man Unkind inciting incident?
    car goes into parking garage
  32. Man Unkind 1st major plot point?
    guy runs over the dog
  33. Man Unkind conflict?
    guy mourns and asks for a miracle
  34. Man Unkind 2nd major plot point?
    he leaves the dramatic arena
  35. Man Unkind twist?
    dog comes back to life and is killed again
  36. Most comedy before ___ was traditional and politically correct?
  37. There's something about Mary Inciting incident and type?
    ted supposed to go to prom with mary, action
  38. There's something about Mary 1st major plot point?
    mary moves away
  39. There's something about Mary conflict?
    ted searches for mary
  40. There's something about Mary 2nd major plot point?
    mary decides she loves ted
  41. There's something about Mary ending?
    • they end up together
    • happily ever after
  42. Farrelly brothers often use ___ as contrasts in their films and example?
    • cultural preconceptions
    • mary lives in a white suburban neighborhood
    • her stepfather is black
    • he answers the door and ted gets confused
  43. Does There's something about Mary violate any rules of comedy?
    NO, marys brother beats up ted
  44. There's something about Mary genre?
    romantic comedy
  45. There's something about Mary theme?
    true love will overcome
  46. Psychiatrist joke(set up, bridge, pay off)?
    • setup: rest areas are hangouts for closet homosexuals soliciting sex
    • bridge: ted picks up hitchhiker
    • pay-off: ted gets caught in homosexual orgy
  47. Interrogation bag joke(set up, bridge, pay off)?
    • set up: ted gets arrested
    • bridge: he gets questioned for murder but he thinks its for picking up the hitchiker
    • pay off: detective beats up ted
  48. Dramtic Irony in There's something about Mary?
    detectives have information that ted doesn't(dead body)
  49. Suspense in There's something about Mary?
    • they're talking about two different things
    • ted thinks he's confessing to picking up a hitchiker and the cops think he is ocnfessing to murder
  50. Mystery in There's something about Mary?
    detective beats up ted
  51. Who directed passion of martin?
    Alexander Payne
  52. Passion of Martin is an example of?
    Black Comedy
  53. Passion of Martin 1st major plot point?
    • they hook up
    • martin falls in love and wants a sommitted relationship
  54. Passion of Martin 2nd major plot point?
    martin rolls the boulder down the hill
  55. Passion of Martin conflict?
    she doesn't want a committed relationship
  56. Passion of Martin inciting incident and type?
    • martin meets a girl at the wedding
    • action
  57. Passion of Martin theme?
    true love will overcome on martin's side of the relaitonship
  58. Passion of Martin genre?
    romantic black comedy
  59. Black Comedy?
    takes morbid events and makes the humorous
  60. Why flashbacks in Passion of Martin?
    allows the audience to roam into marin's childhood
  61. Why voiceovers in Passion of Martin?
    martin seems too sensitive and the voiceovers help to show that he's not just being creepy and stalking the girl
  62. Generic Left wing?
    • boring content
    • the world is in perfect harmony
    • uses peaceful analysis to solve problems
    • 20%
    • EX: kramer vs kramer
  63. Generic Right wing?
    • the world in chaos
    • violence used to solve problems
    • 80%
    • ex: fatal attraction
  64. Horror films are ALWAYS ____ wing?
    right wing
  65. Three Types of films?
    • Filmes that entertain: purpose to make money: jackass, hangover
    • Films that Enlighten: schindler's list:ex kramer vs kramer
    • Films that do both: usually oscar winning: ex king's speech
  66. Last Kiss inciting incident and type?
    • when michael has sexual relations with kim
    • situational
  67. Last Kiss 1st major plot point?
    michael's girlfriend finds out
  68. Last Kiss conflict?
    girlfriend kicks hiim out
  69. Last Kiss 2nd major plot point?
    girlfriend lets him back in the house
  70. Last Kiss theme?
    true love will overcome
  71. Who directed Annie Hall?
    Woody Allen
  72. Annie Hall theme?
    • That's life
    • alvy and his girlfriend don't end up together
  73. What does Annie Hall begin with?
    comedic monologue
  74. Who directed young frankenstein?
    Mel Brookes
  75. What is Annie Hall's intended audience?
    Urban, Sophisticated
  76. Example of Contemporary Comedy?
    There's somthing about Mary

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