Painting Impressionism

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  1. "Death of Socrates," David, 1700(4)(Neo-Classicism, French)
  2. "Oath of the Horatii," David, 1700(4)(Neo-Classicism, French)
  3. "The Death of Marat," David, 1700(4)(Neo-Classicism, French)
  4. "Mme. Recamier," David, 1800(1)(Neo-Classicism, French)
  5. "Napoleon Crossing the Alps," David, 1800(1)(Neo-Classicism, French)
  6. "Coronation of Napoleon," David, 1800(1)(Neo-Classicism, French)
  7. "La Grande Odalisque," Ingres, 1800(1)(Neo-Classicism, French)
  8. "The Swing," Goya, 1700(4)(Neo-Classicism, Spain)
  9. "Marquesa de Pontejos," Goya, 1700(4)(Neo-Classicism, Spain)
  10. "Charles III in Hunting Costume," Goya, 1700(4)(Neo-Classicism, Spain)
  11. "The Naked and Clothed Maja," Goya, 1800(1)(Neo-Classicism, Spain)
  12. "Family of Charles IV," Goya, 1800(1)(Neo-Classicism, Spain)
  13. "Saturn Devouring his Children," Goya, 1800(1)(Neo-Classicism, Spain)
  14. "The Nightmare," Fuseli, 1700(4)(Romanticism, Swiss)
  15. "Death of Sardanapalus," Delacroix, 1800(2)(Romanticism, France)
  16. "The Lion Hunt," Delacroix, 1800(3)(Romanticism, France)
  17. "The Wreck of the Hope," Friedrich, 1800(1)(Romanticism, German)
  18. "Landscape, Morning in the Riesengebirge," Friedrich, 1800(1)(Romanticism, German)
  19. "Monk by the Sea," Friedrich, 1800(1)(Romanticism, German)
  20. "Fire at Sea," Turner, 1800(2)(Romanticism, British)
  21. "The Slave Ship," Turner, 1800(2)(Romanticism, British)

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Painting Impressionism
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Painting Impressionism

Painting Impressionism
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