Painting Impressionism 2

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    "Third Class Carriage," Daumier, 1800(3)(Realism, France)
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    "At the Opera," Cassat, 1800(3)(Realism, France)
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    "Burial at the Ornans," Courbet 1800(2)(Realism, France)
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    "The Stone Breakers," Courbet 1800(2)(Realism, France)
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    "The Bathers," Courbet 1800(3)(Realism, France)
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    "The Sower," Millet 1800(3)(Realism, France)
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    "Musicians of the Orchestra," Millet 1800(3)(Realism, France)
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    "Music at Tuileries," Manet 1800(3)(Realism, France)
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    "Luncheon on the Grass," Manet 1800(3)(Realism, France)
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    "Olympia," Manet 1800(3)(Realism, France)
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    "Ball at the Opera," Manet 1800(3)(Realism, France)
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    "Bar at the Folies-Bergere," Manet 1800(4)(Realism, France)
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    "Boulevard des Capucines," Monet 1800(3)(Impressionism, France)
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    "Impression, sunrise," Monet 1800(3)(Impressionism, France)
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    "Gare St. Lazare," Monet 1800(3)(Impressionism, France)
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    "Water Lilies," Monet 1900(1)(Impressionism, France)
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    "River Oise at Pontoise," Pissarro 1800(3)(Impressionism, France)
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    "Summer's Day," Morisot 1800(4)(Impressionism, France)
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    "Au Moulin de la Galette," Renoir 1800(4)(Impressionism, France)
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