Patterns of Species Richness & Conservation Biology

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  1. biodiversity
    complete variety of life on Earth
  2. components of biodiversity
    • number of species (species diversity/richness)
    • genetic variety within and between species (genetic diversity)
    • anatomical variety within and between species (disparity)
    • ecosystem variety (ecological diversity)
    • functional diversity
  3. species diversity
    1.9 million described species
  4. global pattern
    • tropical communities = species rich
    • several factors influence patterns:
    • latitude
    • depth (aquatic systems)
    • pollution and disturbance
    • evolutionary history
  5. local diversity
    • 1,175 species in a 52 hector plot in Sarawok, Borneo
    • fewer than 50 species in same sized plots in temperate North American forests
  6. aspects of rarity
    • density
    • geographic distribution
    • habitat specificity
  7. hotspot
    any area with high endemism and significant human
  8. endemism
    • occurs in one place and only that one place
    • at increased risk of extinction due to human alteration
  9. Australian hotspots
    • 15 hotspots
    • tend to be on peripheral area of continent
  10. Why should we care about conservation?
    • intristic reasons
    • utilitarian reasons
    • ecosystem function and climate
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