Melchiodie Young Adulthood

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  1. Erikson
    • Intimacy vs. Isolation
    • Intimacy: caring/sharing + phys intimacy, selflessness, solid sense of ego
    • Not accmpl- sense of isolation
  2. Sullivan- Love:
    • Love exists when other prn's satisfaction & security are important as 1's own (or more)
    • parenting, friendships, romantic relationships
    • Some never reach this->never reach this level of selflessness
  3. Parenthood
    • 1. Inner dev'tal need to complete life's cycle and give life to next gen
    • 2. External pressure's may hinder capacity towards parenthood/interfere with one's ability to give generously (teenage mom inner city)
    • 3. Internal motives- unrelaistic expectations on child
    • 4. Coflicts around certain stages of dev't
  4. Daniel N. Stern & Preg/childbirth
    • Normative crisis: rapid cahnge and relationship between mom/baby
    • Survival growth theme
    • Supportive matrix: looks to helper from her side, pref another woman; should od what mom wants and not challenge parenting methods (usurp mother)
    • Identity reorganization theme

    Husband feels distanced (nesting, wife withdraws , dec sexual activity)
  5. Work
    • 27% professional mroe than 50 hrs.
    • Mentor must be found
    • "Elsewhere Generation"
  6. Facts
    • Dependence vs. Separateness
    • family friendships
    • Play- relieve stress, find something to do fun everyday
  7. Carol Gilligan
    • diff then Kohlberg
    • Moral dilemma
    • Men- terms of law and consequences
    • Women- term of relationships
  8. JW Lewis
    • health relationships
    • fun together, enjoy activities together, afectionate- erotic & non erotic, listen, empathetic, able to explore their feelings
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