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  1. HCl
    Hydrochloric acid (strong)
  2. HBr
    Hydrobromic acid (Strong)
  3. HCN
    Hydrocyanic acid (weak)
  4. HNO3
    Nitric Acid (Strong)
  5. HNO2
    Nitrous acid (weak)
  6. H2SO4
    Sulfuric acid (Strong)
  7. H2SO3
    Sulfurous acid
  8. H2CO3
    Carbonic acid (weak)
  9. H3PO4
    Phosphoric acid (weak)
  10. HClO4
    Perchloric acid (strong)
  11. HClO3
    Chloric acid (strong)
  12. HClO2
    Chlorous acid
  13. HClO
    Hypochlorous acid
  14. HC2H3O2
    Acetic acid
  15. NaOH
    Sodium hydroxide
  16. KOH
    Potassium hydroxide
  17. Ca(OH)2
    Calcium hydroxide
  18. Al(OH)3
    Aluminum Hydroxide
  19. HClO4
    Perchloric acid (strong)
  20. H2SO4
    Sulfuric acid (strong)
  21. HI
    Hydroiodic acid (strong)
  22. H3O+
    Hydronium ion
  23. HSO4-
    Hydrogen sulfate ion
  24. H3PO4
    Phosphoric acid (weak)
  25. HNO2
    Nitrous acid (weak)
  26. HF
    Hydrofluoric acid (weak)
  27. HC2H3O2
    Acetic acid (weak)
  28. H2CO3
    Carbonic acid (weak)
  29. H2S
    Hydrosulfuric acid
  30. NH4+
    Ammonium ion
  31. HCN
    Hydrocyanic acid
  32. HCO3-
    Bicarbonate ion
  33. HS-
    Hydrogen sulfide ion
  34. ClO4-
    Perchlorate ion (base)
  35. HSO4-
    Hydrogen sulfate ion (base)
  36. I-
    Iodide ion (base)
  37. Br-
    Bromide ion (base)
  38. Cl-
    Chloride ion (base)
  39. NO3-
    Nitrate ion (base)
  40. SO42-
    Sulfate ion (base)
  41. H2PO4-
    Dihydrogen phosphate ion (base)
  42. NO2-
    Nitrite ion (base)
  43. F-
    Fluoride ion (base)
  44. C2H3O2-
    Acetate ion (base)
  45. HCO3-
    Bicarbonate ion (base) (weak acid)
  46. HS-
    Hydrogen sulfide ion (base)
  47. NH3
    Ammonia (base)
  48. CN-
    Cyanide ion (base)
  49. CO32-
    Carbonate ion (base)
  50. S2-
    Sulfide ion (base)
  51. OH-
    Hydroxide ion (base)
  52. HCHO2
    Formic acid (weak)
  53. HPO42-
    Hydrogen Phosphate (weak acid)
  54. LiOH
    Lithium hydroxide (Strong Base)
  55. NaOH
    Sodium Hydroxide (strong base)
  56. KOH
    Potassium Hydroxide (strong base)
  57. RbOH
    Rubidium Hydroxide (strong base)
  58. CsOH
    Cesium Hydroxide (strong base)
  59. Ca(OH)2
    Calcium Hydroxide (strong base)
  60. Sr(OH)2
    Strontium Hydroxide (strong base)
  61. Ba(OH)2
    Barium Hydroxide (strong base)
  62. H3PO4
    Phosphoric acid (weak)
  63. H2PO4-
    Dihydrogen phosphate (weak)
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